[CASE] 3D printing in the confectionery industry - Chocola3D in the company Chocolama

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What is it

This material is about the use of 3D printing in the confectionery company Chocolama.ru , which bought from us the Chocola3D 3D printer, a detailed review of which we did not so long ago.

Chocola3D prints chocolate and any pasty food.


A company representative did not accidentally purchase this particular printer - the choice is due to its characteristics and price / quality ratio.

“We have monitored the market and the choice was not so great. In addition, Chocola3D attracted us with its novelty, a rather large print area, compared to alternatives, we saw photos and videos of the works made on it, the quality of which we liked very much. ”

Work with equipment

Working with chocolate was not as simple as it seemed on the advertising video, but, in the end, fully justified itself.

“In the early stages of work, of course, there were difficulties. And if we made friends with the printer quickly, it was much more difficult to find a common language with chocolate. Chocolate is a very capricious material. You overheat or overheat it a little, and he answers you with not very beautiful visual effects on the outer layer. But we coped with this by adjusting all the settings and getting used to it. Now the process of creating figures, from computer modeling to direct printing, brings a pleasure. ”


As in other areas of activity, 3D printing brought something of its own to the confectionery area.

“The names and significant dates of our clients are very popular. We also focus on the B2B segment, because we know firsthand what “pain” brings to companies the search for corporate gifts and original advertising materials. We start working with private pastry chefs and make toppers to decorate cakes. ”

Chocolate products of the most sophisticated forms can now be made in any quantity. Previously, this would have to order silicone molds for casting, or cut each piece by hand, which means a completely different investment of time and money.


The task of the printer is to print all kinds of chocolate figures, company logos, words in 2.5 D and 3D formats. These are separate edible souvenirs and elements for decorating cakes.

“On average, we print 15-20 figures per day, depending on their size and shape. We believe that these are good indicators and plan to scale in the near future. ”

And some more photos:


The company Chocolama.ru appreciated all the advantages of 3D printing, successfully working and developing with its help. In this example, we see how additive technologies are beneficial in a variety of areas, including in food production.

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