Designer robot 14 in 1. We finally collected it

Perhaps one of the most famous Chinese toys from the series "solar energy". How is it attractive and how to collect it?

With this robot, the history is long and difficult: for several years now it has been present on the Russian market, reached major children's stores, visited landings, etc. And still enjoys extraordinary popularity, which allows, apparently, some sell it unnecessarily expensive.

However, robot reviews are most often limited to anboxing, listing details, in general, many, like us, have been putting off self-assembly for a long time. It seemed, at least, a long process: 14 robots! In fact, everything is much simpler.

By itself, the story of this designer begins seemingly not in China . A company that holds a patent for this designer sells it for $ 33 and is part of OWI Inc. However, this robot comes to us already in the form of replicas, however, very worthy.

Today is the translated box:

And localized instruction:

14 robots - is it a lot or a little?

We have been postponing the assembly ourselves for quite a while: on the one hand, it seemed very simple, and on the other - incredibly long. But here, as it turns out there is a trick. 14 models of the robot have a common "base", therefore, having gathered one of them, it will be a matter of a few minutes to assemble the rest.

Actually, the assembly process is divided into several simple parts: the assembly of the main structure, the assembly of unchangeable accessories, the assembly of different parts of the robot.

The main structure of the robot is the head and mechanism. The body of the robot consists of several parts, inside which will be located a simple mechanism.

And this is the first ever unchangeable part of future robots.

Despite the fact that the body and head are going separately, they can not, alas, act without each other.

A motor that will set the robots in motion is in the case, but the solar battery is on the head.

The head is going to be even simpler, and their “difficult” elements here are only a small solar panel.

The head consists of several parts that are simply attached to each other. The panel is additionally installed on two small adhesive strips.

Then the construction is fixed:

Sits on the "gingerbread" and ...

... And the second stage of the assembly safely behind. There seems to be a little time for everything about everything — about 20-30 minutes, and it seems that most of it is spent on cutting out the necessary elements from the detail panels, and also giving the robot “human features”, pasting it with stickers from the kit.

And what's in this kit?

The box contains several panels with parts, a set of gears, a motor, a solar panel, stickers and a boat.

The boat is probably the funniest part of this set. She even made a separate stage in the assembly after the "trunk" and "head." Anyway, it is a plastic sheet from which something similar is going for one of the robots:

Several multi-colored panels are parts, they need to be carefully “bitten off”, so that no chipping remains, which in turn can interfere with the movement of robots.

Some parts are guessed immediately, for example, fragments of the head or body, and everything else is kindly numbered and corresponds to the designations in the instructions.

There are few regularities. However, for simplicity, for example, the entire yellow panel is the binding elements. Well, at least something.

Stickers - one of the most "meticulous" parts.

And, of course, the mechanism. In a collapsible form, it consists of a small motor that clings to the solar panel, several gears and several rubber bands for the wheels of future robots.

Future robots may be 14

This model is considered to be one of the most voluminous: after robots of similar subjects 3 in 1, 6 in 1, 7 in 1, which did not have such market penetration and success, 14 in 1 seemed impossible in terms of sales, but it became the most popular.

All models of the robot, which can be assembled for a start, are placed on the box:

And then duplicated in the instructions:

The most popular and recognizable model from this kit seems to be this one:

We decided to repeat it. So, the main parts: the mechanism and the head we had, so that the matter remained for small. Actually, from this moment all the other stages of the assembly begin - the assembly of different robots.

The process itself is simple, and as before, the biggest expense of time is pasting the parts. These thin strips should adorn the wheels, and this is a bit tiring.

The rest of the assembly process surprised: the robot was not as fragile as it was supposed to, and it could withstand strong indentations, and then, if it was necessary to redo something, easily “parted” with some details. Everything rises on the spot quickly and correctly.

The construction cannot be described as superstrong, because, nevertheless, most of it must then be disassembled and assembled again, but everything assembled is quite reliable.

Reliable to reproduce given motions and movements.

A robot designer is made to assemble and monitor him. But to watch him, you need either halogen lighting, or - sunlight.

At the final stage of assembly, it is already possible to connect the mechanism with the battery: this is done from the back side:

And direct the lamp. If everything is assembled correctly, the robot will begin to move in an amusing way.

As a result. First, I want to say that it really turned out to be funny. The assembly process does not take much time, and if earlier, according to other people's reviews, it seemed to us that without an adult such a structure could not be built - this is not so.

The assembly work is organized logically and easily, and the child will be able to find the necessary elements on his own, matching them either visually or by numbers.

Everything is going pretty quickly, and the whole process (without pasting), perhaps, that did not take an hour. If you make some kind of family event out of it, it will probably take a little longer, but this is more of a positive characteristic. At home you will need halogen lamps. They are inexpensive. We still have positive impressions from the design.

Want to try?

The robot is inexpensive and always in stock.

It's fun!


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