New from Aftershokz - a review of the new headset with bone conduction Trekz Air

Soon the whole line of Aftershokz headsets will be titanium, with a flexible headband: the latest novelty from Aftershokz Trekz Air. The easiest and most comfortable bone conduction today.

Since January we have been spinning a novelty in our hands, listening attentively, communicating and now we want to present you a new flagship model Aftershokz. It turned out at the junction of two popular headsets - wired Sportz and Titanium. In fact - they just folded, taking the best qualities of each model.

Wired Sportz

+ Trekz Titanium Sounder:

= Lightweight construction of new Trekz Air.

The model is really lighter than the previous Titanium wireless by a few grams, it is smaller and more comfortable to sit on the head due to the special shape of the “ear hook”, which is so praised in wired headsets.

At the same time, the characteristics of sound insulation, the so-called technology of “compensating” sound leakage, were transferred almost unchanged from the current flagship. There really aren't many differences between them.

The same control buttons, at the same place for charging. The very sound-absorbing connectors on the case changed slightly visually: now they are in one line, not three points:

Left Air, Titanium Right

But in general, Aftershokz's corporate identity remains recognizable.

Titanium on the left, Air on the right

Button answer the call, pause and play - also not gone away.

Here it is important to make one remark, just related to the answers to calls: in this version, rather serious attention was paid to the functions of the headset. We communicated for a long time in different conditions with the help of Air, and the microphone was improved. The interlocutor and the speaker became much more comfortable with this version.

The speakers themselves did not try to reduce, however, the extra weight was removed due to the structure of the headband and the reduced in volume, but not in the capacity, battery.

The difference is about 6 grams, and at this weight it turns out to be significant. Also, due to the thinner handle, pressure on the head was reduced, which previously caused some controversy, but the size of the headphones is still the same, universal.

In this way, we received a 30 gram design with an improved microphone and excellent sound transmission for its type. The sound is softer.

Vibrations are no longer so obvious, and at medium volume they are almost completely invisible to the user. The company has achieved this compromise sacrifice by adjusting the audible range.

If you use acoustic tests from the Internet, for example, like this , then Titanium starts to "buzz" and give the first noise between 30-40 Hz, and Air a little later - 40-50 Hz. But - an improved microphone and less vibration. In the context of bone conduction design, the pursuit of two hares is impossible.

With all this, it is impossible not to say that the sound is reproduced cleanly and accurately, no wheezing, no squeaks, the music is absolutely recognizable. According to one of the versions, bone conduction was created for music lovers, so that the basses would not destroy their hearing while constantly listening to the tracks.

Details - at the height, everything is collected carefully and carefully.

The speakers themselves have a smoother shape, even relatively Titanium: the already smooth corners came out additionally smoothed.

And, of course, the feature of previous titanium versions is flexibility:

With the subsequent return to the original form.

To whom are they addressed?

We will not again delve into the problem of passive bone conduction from a medical point of view: the headset still did not become a hearing aid.

Indeed, some age-related hearing impairments can be compensated for using bone conduction of sound, some forms of sensorineural hearing loss, etc., but Aftershokz still primarily positions devices as headsets for athletes.

These headphones can improve the sense of safety of runners and cyclists on the road, near cars, however, in other conditions, their use may be appropriate.

And other areas of application.

The fact that Air leaves first of all to the athletes is hinted at by the box on which the runner resembles Deadpool from afar at his best times:

Inside there is a charging cable, a nice silicone bag and ear plugs outside and inside to use the Air, for example, in the metro.

Headphones because of the design features fit perfectly inside, however, they are not much worried about the integrity, you can shove in your pocket.

From an aesthetic point of view, Trekz Air is an unconditional flagship. The wearing comfort and improved microphone characteristics partly compensate for the “loss” of a few hertz below, but also while running or cycling, there is so much time to enjoy deep bass.

Plus, these hertz will not interfere with listening to an audiobook, watching a TV show or driving a car. This seems to be a compromise solution.

The cost in Russia of a new model is 10,990 rubles .

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