November. Infrared thermometer time: look at BWell

The brand is fairly well-known due to the penetration into pharmacies, and since the end of October, the most visible shelving has been given to this technology. We also decided to remind about the category of infrared thermometers.

We have repeatedly addressed and are turning to the topic of measuring household appliances: weights, blood glucose meters, and tonometers. About thermometers also mentioned : indeed, as it turned out, not everyone knows how to use this type of device.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the “infrared method” is one of the fastest, most accurate and most comfortable. To get the data correctly, you need to understand where and what to measure. The temperature taken from different parts of the body is logical - it is different.

Medical thermometers, which include BWell, are recommended for measuring temperature from the forehead, temple and ear cavity.

A placeTemporal arteryAuricle
Normal temperature range35.5 - 37.335.5 - 37.5

Also, when measuring it is necessary to observe a number of additional conditions concerning the place of measurement: it should not be too cold or stuffy, not to measure immediately from the street, etc. - as a rule, such recommendations are given in the accompanying instructions, and they should be followed.

And it should be noted that each age has upper and lower limits of the norm.

BWell is an international brand of consumer medical devices for self-control, among which tonometers and infrared thermometers are quite popular. There are several of them.


This model is the most advanced in the line and has the status of "Techno" and an extended range of measured temperatures up to 100 degrees. It works from a pair of "little finger" batteries and has a slightly more complicated measurement process: it is necessary at a distance of 4 to 6 cm from the measured place to begin to slowly move away or move the thermometer closer. Hearing a frequent beep, you need to release the “Measurement” button and wait for another “peep”.

There are several of these buttons: the “change object to be measured” button - the person / object, the memory button, the “Measurement” button (the largest) and the on / off button. The thermometer has a convenient shape and sits firmly in the hand.


Advertised model , which affected its recognition and its value.

The thermometer has a flat shape, it is light and compact.

The measurement process is also slightly intricate, although it is detailed in the instructions: here you also need to click and listen to the signals that the thermometer will issue when the measurement is completed. The maximum measurable range is up to 80 degrees, and the average measurement time is up to 2-3 seconds.

The thermometer is simple to operate: all two buttons are there, it does not imply any complicated settings and rather accurately and quickly outputs the data required from it.


The younger, but also the most, it seems, practical and convenient device in the line - model number 1000, in fact, for the most part, and familiar from pharmacies. The recommended measurement method is “temporal”, the essence of which is that you, as it were, smoothly conduct a thermometer from the temple towards the forehead. However, temperature measurement in the auricle is also available.

From the mode to the thermometer mode automatically switches depending on whether the cap is on or removed.

Accordingly, if the cap is worn - measured on the forehead, if removed, then in the auricle. The display will be the corresponding symbol.

1000 is a good, fairly accurate model with a declared error on both sides of 0.2 degrees, which allows you to easily and quickly understand what to do next. She is one of the most compact and lightweight.

When paying on the site, this model can be bought with a coupon for a discount of 250 rubles: HJFKVG .

What else you need to remember!

Factors such as:

In other words, it is better not to take measurements immediately after intense physical exertion, after taking a warm bath, etc. In controversial cases, it is recommended to make 2-3 measurements with a difference of at least a minute and choose a larger result!

For example, B.Well-1000 in this interval gives readings with a difference of 0.1 upwards and downwards. And, of course, it is recommended to monitor the measuring device itself, periodically gently wiping the sensor.

Here is a catalog of infrared thermometers.

Take care and do not get sick !


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