When you do not need a constant pulse - Lifetrak C400

For some time now we have been approached with a similar question: they say, I don’t need a constant pulse, I don’t want to overpay, but it’s still desirable to monitor the pulse.

It is possible that you have such a need to measure an "unsportsmanlike" pulse, and a Lifetrak watch is a good and inexpensive way to satisfy it.

Indeed: not everyone is involved in active sports, but, being in some fright because of the statistics of cardiovascular diseases, one way or another, people begin to think, is it normal to knock?

To answer this question in ordinary life, if a person really does not suspect anything, for self-control, to use an episodic heart rate monitor is the very thing. And at the price it is much more profitable than professional sports optics, and for convenience - much more comfortable than professional sports breast sensors.

What is the beauty of Lifetrak as a heart rate monitor?

The watch makes it possible not only to monitor the pulse in a specific second. Conditionally, because it works: the resulting number is somehow some kind of prediction for the next minute, if a person does not change the behavior.

In this sense, the data for 1 second, as suggested by other episodic sensors, does not carry any value, but it is stupid to constantly measure it. Lifetrak gives data in the range of up to 30 seconds, and all this time the user sees a trend - does the heart rate increase, does it decrease?

For express monitoring, this is often quite enough, and a pulse on demand in the range of 30 seconds is information.

How to measure

Lifetrak is an extremely simple watch: it has only three control buttons.

The side buttons are the settings and sync buttons (yes, the device has an application), and the central button just starts the pulse measurement process.

To start the measurement, you must press and hold the button. Depending on how quickly you release it, you will observe so much time within half a minute the change in heart rate.

What else?

The Lifetrak C400 is a clock, and here is a large and fairly intuitive display, with time and date on it. Also, the watch acts as a pedometer, and therefore the lower part of the display is, as it were, given to the statistics of activity and calories burned.

In this regard, there are nuances: calorie statistics is a predictive value, but Lifetrak's steps are updated, on the contrary, with a delay. The forecast is that the clock rightly believes that you are spending calories in activity and at rest, and this metric, not tied to activity, lives its own life: removed and put the clock on the nightstand, and the calories go.

The delay in the steps, on the contrary, allows the algorithm to more accurately calculate the activity, by default removing the excess. The built-in memory of Lifetrak stores statistics for up to 7 days, and all basic settings are available from the case.

In order to enable the settings menu, you must hold down the top button. In total there are three main settings menus: date and time, setting goals and calibrating the device (gender, weight, age, etc.)

In other words, the watch is perfectly controlled and lives its life without any special software, and if we assume that this is primarily a “heart rate monitor on demand”, then the need for synchronization is completely questionable. And yet, the app for Lifetrak is.


Lifetrak is connected as a model C300 (He, in fact, came to replace her), and in the application you can simply once again configure what you could customize with your hands.

The main screen is a list of metrics that are updated after each synchronization: in order to save a battery in a constantly connected mode, the gadget does not stay, but it also works on a single tablet for up to a year!

In order to see the details, you need to click on the desired section, and also the screen rotation is available:

It's simple. But the main thing is still the pulse. Lifetrak is known in the market for pulse sensors at the state and consumer "level". She proved her accuracy by working with NASA, the US government. For a long time, Lifetrak sensors were used in equipment for gyms.

We also conducted our tests and comparisons with other optical and chest pulse meters, and in these comparisons Lifetrak remained at the level, and we still believe that this is the most accurate episodic heart rate monitor to date.


Any device in the form of watches is quite comfortable and familiar to wear, and Lifetrak is one of those. It is universal in terms of the volume of the wrist due to the specific strap:

Holes are made throughout the area.

CR2032 is responsible for the work of the tracker-pulsator, which is enough for an average of 1 year of use of the clock.

On quality: the watch is made soundly and firmly. In addition to autonomy, an additional advantage is the waterproofness of Lifetrak, with the only condition that, while under water, you do not need to press the buttons of the gadget.

This tracker is in demand in no small measure and as a device for people of age: adult children buy it to their elderly parents, who for some, often understandable reasons, do not lead an overactive lifestyle.

However, the constantly updated figure on mortality from cardiovascular diseases makes us, young people, think a little about it.

As a result, Lifetrak is a decent watch of good quality with an excellent episodic pulse sensor. Pulsometer compares favorably with others, similar, because it allows you to observe changes in heart rate in the interval, and not only in a second of time, which gives more information and a more valuable forecast for the user.

Additionally, the watch incorporates the functions of a pedometer and a calorie tracker, has protection against water and has a high autonomy - up to 1 year. Also Lifetrak C400 can work together with a smartphone. Lifetrak is an electrically conductive heart rate monitor, therefore its use is not recommended for pregnant women and people with a pacemaker.

DataLifetrakPolar A360 (Optics)

The Alpha was on hand.

The cost of the device is 3490 rubles . Not that we believe that everyone should have such a gadget, but for those interested in purchasing, we suggest using a coupon for a discount of 1000 rubles: GKRDLV . It is valid if you pay immediately on the site until November 12.

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