Intel Optane SSD 900P - Optane Line Extension

In addition to the Intel Optane DC P4800X SSD released this year for data centers and Optane Memory caching memory, Intel releases a small series of SSDs for high-performance Optane 900P workstations . The new XPoint- based SSD technology is designed for enthusiasts and professionals involved in photo and video processing, game development, etc.

Intel Optane SSD 900P is available in two volumes - 280 and 480 GB and has a PCIe drive format (half height, half length - HHHL), a less capacious model is also available in the U.2 form factor. Comparative characteristics of drives are given in the table.

280 GB480 GB
ControllerIntel SLL3D
InterfacePCIe 3.0 x4
Form factorPCIe card or
2.5 "15mm U.2
PCIe card
Afterbirth. reading2500 MB / s
Afterbirth. a record2000 MB / s
Random IOPS reading550k
Random IOPS Record500k
power usage14 watts maximum
In idle 5 W
Load10 DWPD
Warranty5 years
Cost of$ 389$ 599
Price 1 GB$ 1.39$ 1.25
As you can see, if the indicators of sequential reads and writes cannot be called outstanding among NVMe, then in the field of random reading / writing 900 ahead of the entire consumer market. Passport load also gives them high-class players.

Now about the shortcomings. Volumes of drives are still small, and this is a minus in relation to heavy content for which they are proposed to be used. The price for a GB today is almost twice as high as that of NAND drives, with all the above reservations. The high power consumption of the Intel Optane SSD 900P also draws attention, so we don’t see in the lineup more miniature form factors for portable devices.

In general, we can say that at the moment we are witnessing the evolutionary development of the Intel Optane line, the release of the first devices in its various segments, as well as market intelligence. It seems that more will be more interesting, because Intel makes big bets on Optane.


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