Will these guys ever stop? Another fidget-anti-stress

And he already got to our open spaces. Interest in the cubes and spinners weakly weakened, and this made, apparently, the Chinese think. And we decided to look for this Friday's collection, and how does the design of anti-stress toys for geeks develop there?

Hm Everything is not so bad there.

To begin with, what is already coming to Russia: this time the scheme of promotion is the same - the use of recognizable boxes that attract attention.

Inside, there is also nothing unusual - toys in the form of cubes.

which work on this principle:

Here they are gradually entering stores, they have come online, they will soon be in geek-islands, but the spinner’s fame is hardly destined to them. But still. The desire to repeat success and make money - it is a clear desire.

Infinity Cube is a relatively successful project with Kickstarter , in the title of which there is also the keyword “Fidget”. The original device offers the company BastionGear, in the range of which hundreds of accessories: pens, knives, wallets ...

They offered their own "Infinite Cube" on Kickstarter for $ 65, and now it costs $ 99 ! And, of course, the idea immediately got accustomed to Aliexpress: the category of such toys pleases cost from 150 rubles, that with a small markup here:

In general, as it turned out, we (and maybe you) missed a lot, and dozens of such anti-stress toys have already appeared. We decided to collect the most interesting ones in several gifs.

Much, as you understand, is based on two concepts: “Fidget Cube” and “Spinner”, and most of the toys are either spinning or pressed, while necessarily having the word trigger in the name: the forms change, but more often the essence remains intact. Fidget Cube is becoming popular again and although it repeatedly loses turntables in search trends, toys are still in progress.

For example, a flat realization in the form of a pendant or key fob with easy access to a toy thanks to a magnetic mount - Fidget Gadget.

Fidget in parts dragged on ideas, of course. Among them are curious, and not very. One of them quite pragmatically fits into our lives: the sides of the cube as elements of the modular cover of the smartphone, which, in general, is always with you.

Fidsy - crowdfunding project, hastily printed out on the printer, did not take off at all .

Twisting in the hands is much easier, but everything that is not a spinner in one form or another seems unattractive.

MoonDrop is also originally from Kickstarter and is a "game of gravity," or serves to illustrate free fall. Despite the fact that the title of the campaign is the magic word Fidget, success was not so loud - only 129,000 pounds.

Or two balls spinning at a fast pace. It is not clear how this should calm down, but what looks like it is fun and exciting is obvious!

The original idea of ​​this device, Spinerds, again with crowdfunding , where it again attracted not a very large amount. It is positioned as the fastest rotating toy on the planet, and the entire visual effect is achieved at the expense of the base for the balls, it is she who produces light effects.

In general, beware or gain patience: soon, probably, we are waiting for another wave of anti-stress toys for geeks.

But how did this happen?

Well, the sources should be looked for in the campaign on Kickstarter - there the Fidget Cube collected ... think: $ 6.5 million! However, quite quickly, the cube began to lose spinner. By the middle of summer, requests in Wordstat were distributed not in favor of cubes, and now the situation does not change.

Not to mention the less "mirror" requests:

All the shops ( including ours) instantly filled out the replicas, however, of quite good quality, but of all attempts to repeat the success in “grabbing hands”, perhaps only spinners can be considered a winning position.

This summer, the turntables filled us up, and so powerfully, that even Rospotrebnadzor was forced to comment on this topic, although it did not find anything suspicious in them. Initially, conspiracy theories dragged around them, it was believed that they help children with ADHD and generally resurrect the dead, but then everything calmed down. A small story about why this suddenly became popular, we wrote in our blog.

Now, as it turned out, attempts to retake the market with the same boxes have not dried up. Be carefull,
Have a good weekend!

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