New soft plastic Cheetah from NinjaTek

Hello. Today we will tell you about the new material from the company NinjaTek - Cheetah .

As for the Cheetah , this is probably the easiest soft plastic to print. Shore hardness is 95A.

A few numbers from the manufacturer:

- Cheetah is 84% ​​more durable than ABS;
- abrasion resistance is second only to another plastic from NinjaTek - Armadillo.

This plastic is presented in 7 colors: white, black, transparent, green, red, orange and blue:

The bar is flexible but tight. Almost does not stretch.

Due to the dense bar, Cheetah does not get bitten by the feed mechanism and allows printing on any FDM printers at high speeds, with ABS and PLA printing speeds much faster than other Flex plastics.

Even on printers with a bowden plastic feed, it was comfortable to print at a fairly high speed, without additional settings of the clamping mechanism. With direct feed, there were no problems either.

The recommended nozzle temperature for printing is 240 degrees. The table is 50 degrees, although even on a cold table plastic sticks without problems. This is a huge plus.

The finished product is wrinkled with virtually no effort, but the tactile is still felt obvious relationship with plastic)

I really liked this plastic for airsoft players for printing flexible training knives.


Of all the soft plastics that we printed, Cheetah was the most trouble-free. It is suitable for absolutely any FDM printer, regardless of the plastic feed mechanism. Other flex-plastics can be used in bowden-fed printers, of course, but for a good result you will have to try hard. Cheetah does not need additional print speed settings, which is also a huge plus.

If you need to print something flexible, soft and durable, and there is absolutely no time (or desire) for the selection of certain settings, for unsuccessful attempts, then Cheetah is ideal for you.

The cost of the coil NinjaTek Cheetah 0,5 kg 3 200 rub.

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