Touch the future. Sony Xperia Touch features overview

Hi, Giktayms! As you know, we recently started selling our most unusual device, the Sony Xperia Touch. This is a smart portable projector with Android control, for which you can come up with a huge variety of usage scenarios. This is a bold or even experimental product, so not only is it possible to use it, but you also need to experiment. And today we will tell you about it in detail.

But in short, what is the Xperia Touch anyway? This is an HD projector in a pretty metal case that is controlled using gestures familiar to any smartphone user. And it all works under the operating system Android. You could even say that before you is a real Sony smartphone, but without a screen. The interface is simple, and the child can easily get used to it, although now children learn everything faster. The image projected onto the plane is the sensory one. Let's say you sent a picture with the Xperia Touch to the floor - and you can even open your applications with your toes. Rather, there is no sensor on the projected picture, but there is an infrared sensor that monitors all touches and gestures in the active area.

How can all this come in handy at home? Let's at least imagine: you decided to try yourself in cooking and found many recipes. They sent the projector to the kitchen table - and absolutely calmly looking for additional recipes, chatting in messengers, flipping through the news with dirty hands, without risking to smudge a smartphone or tablet.

And what is the only opportunity to take the children! Surely the parents are familiar with the terrible situation, when the house suddenly became suspiciously quiet. In most cases, this is a signal that small sabotage is taking place right now. The problem can be anticipated by turning on the projector for children. You won't be surprised by touch screens, game consoles become boring, but playing on the wall or the floor is something completely new, and it will definitely take the guys a long time.

Well, since we started talking about games, it is worth recalling that all Sony products are combined into a convenient ecosystem and are able to work together with each other. For example, the PlayStation 4 can be connected to the Xperia Touch and use it instead of the TV screen.

In addition, the projector is equipped with a motion sensor. Why is it needed? It's simple. For example, you open the front door after a long working day, and a fireplace flashes in the dark - and the mood immediately becomes better, doesn't it?

But Xperia Touch, of course, is suitable not only for entertainment. How about learning in the form of a game? Teachers often say that children need an interesting form of presenting information - then it is absorbed much better. In the case of a touch projector, fresh impressions are guaranteed, which means that the lesson will long remain in the memory of the child.

Well, what about more serious work scenarios? Using a projector for presentations will noticeably brighten up the boring monotonous slides - you can move graphics, move images along the way, pick up new examples.

Outside the boring world of glass-concrete offices and single-colored clothing, Xperia Touch also feels great. Try, for example, to install a projector in a bar or restaurant - you get an interactive menu, always accessible to guests. It will also take guests for a long time, so they will definitely not be bored looking around and look at their watches while waiting for dishes.

Even the usual demonstration of goods in the store turns into a whole show. After all, there is not just a broadcast of the roller on the wall - the buyer can examine, for example, a car in a section, and consider its components in detail. Xperia Touch will be a bright tool for advertising products.

The projector will also be great entertainment at the cottage during a picnic. You don’t even need to worry about the outlet - Xperia Touch has a built-in battery, so you can use it in nature if necessary.

Finally, Xperia Touch is not just for people. As practice has shown, the projector is very popular with pets. You can seat your favorite cat or dog while playing fish fishing and not be afraid that in the best gusts the animal will strike the screen with its paw (as it happens with tablets) and break it.


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