Ultimate Digest: Sound podcast transcripts

Today, we have compiled for you 42 transcripts of the Sound podcast in one compilation. This will help not to waste time on the search for each record and read the missed conversations (or listen to them - in each article there are links to the audio version of the release). And if you are with us recently, you can choose materials on topics that interest you the most.

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Gadgets: Players, DACs and Headphones

Portable sound: In simple words about headphones and DACs - In this issue, we will discuss the types of headphones with Danila Nikolayev, an expert on audio technology in portable technology. We will find out which headphones will “rock” heavy music, and which ones are suitable for listening to jazz. We will answer the questions: is it worth taking into account the technical characteristics and authoritative opinion when choosing headphones and whether it is worth choosing headphones without listening. Let us find out what is the difference between Hi-End, Hi-Fi and household headphones and what to do if you want to listen to powerful high-impedance headphones not only at home.

Portable audio systems: Myths and reality - Here we will talk about the origins of the idea of ​​recording "Sound": how we began to acquaint people with the world of technology in the field of music. Let's debunk the myths about the principles of the choice of speakers and headphones and the "weak bass in-channel headphones." Let us tell you why the “ideal material” for the speakers is concrete, and each speaker is unique, and that will help to hear the music, and not just listen to it.

Black Friday and New Year's Sales: Audiomania Experience - Telling how sales in Audiomania work, what customers think about them, and why paying millions for a good sound is not at all necessary. We will touch on the intricacies of buying acoustics: is it worth relying on tests, and if so, on which ones (double-blind method / “everyday” tests / personal experience).

What to give to an audio man - Most of the podcast is about gifts: what to give to novice musicians, and what accessories are suitable for a guitar player? What do fans of vinyl, analogue sound enthusiasts and homemade artists like? How does Audiomania help those who can not make a choice, and what gift is considered a win-win option in the audio environment?

Answers to questions from students - This issue consists entirely of answers to questions from our audience. We discuss the combination of "price-quality": why there is no universal option and what to do about it. We will touch on the topic of choosing DACs, the pros and cons of Bluetooth headphones. Separately talk about the reinforcement headphones.

Digital to Analog Converters: Questions and Answers - We continue to answer questions from listeners. In this issue: iPhone and sound quality: will the amplifier help? Why is FiiO so much in demand? We destroy myths about the dangers of in-ear headphones. We will show you what you need for a good sound at home and in the studio, and how the choice of equipment differs in this and that.

Interactive, Issue # 14 : Answers to questions from the listeners of the “Sound” podcast - Another release of the podcast in question-answer format. Here we discuss amplifiers, DACs and sound cards. A detailed look at the ecosystem of technology and devices AirPlay from Apple and see what the difference between the receiver and amplifier.

Interactive, Issue # 17 : Answers to questions from the listeners of the “Sound” podcast - Let's talk about CD, SACD and DVD-audio formats and sound quality. Answer the question of "warming up" equipment. We will separately discuss the topic of using a smartphone and a player to play music, and also tell you about the Hi-Fi and High-End technology exhibitions: what happens there and whether to go there.

Sound at home and at work

Audio equipment for home and events - Part of this release is devoted to answering listeners' questions: on in-ear headphones, equalizer settings and amplifiers. In the second part, we understand the professional technology: what is behind this name and whether it is possible to use professional technology instead of amateur (and vice versa). Answer the questions: why are studio equipment cheaper than home appliances? How to determine the class of technology, and what is the difference in the purpose, operation and power of equipment for the voice acting, home listening and sound?

Discussion: Music lovers and audiophiles, network players and built-in acoustics - Terminological educational program: how (in our opinion) an audiophile differs from a music lover and an “audio man”, and why streamer and a network player are synonymous. Let us dwell on the merits and objectives of network players. Let's tell how the built-in acoustics works and how to make the wall play.

Interiors for sound - The subject of this podcast is a matter of design and embedded audio. Elizaveta Myakisheva, Sound Art project development manager, will share the installer's experience. You will learn how to fit into the interior of wireless and wired equipment and how to control it using a smartphone or tablet. Let's talk about the costs of installation and maintenance: how to choose the right equipment and not spend too much, and what you should think about before starting the repair.

Home acoustics and answers to questions - Here we will focus on preparing the premises for listening to music. Sound traps and acoustic correctors: what is better in terms of aesthetics? How to connect the wire to the acoustics: directly, through the "bananas" or "shovels"? Let's discuss bi-wiring and bi-amping: what's the difference and what kind of "secret" are cable manufacturers silent on? Let us prove that you should not choose acoustics by the number of terminals, and that a good sound at home is not always expensive.

Acoustics for the background sound of the premises - Let us explain why professional equipment for sounding rooms is more efficient and cheaper than “household” solutions. Let us examine the confusion between the volume and power of the speakers and explain how to calculate these values ​​for a particular (public) room. Learn more about seasonality: let's discuss what professional equipment can withstand daily use in difficult weather conditions.

Interfaces and cables: Transcript of the podcast “Sound” - We offer another podcast about digital sound: discuss what digital interfaces are, how they work, and what difficulties may arise in the course of their work. Let us dwell on how the signal is transmitted, what jitter is and how to solve the attenuation problem.

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Ecosystem and sound quality

“Musical fast food”: How can a mass product sound - Where to find good music? What is the difference between the work of music studios “then” and “now” in terms of marketing? Together with Timofey Shikolenkov, director of marketing and business development in Audiomania, we answer these and other questions, discuss the topic of “fast-food music” and figure out how to discover for yourself the new sound of familiar compositions.

How a good sound changes the way of life - Hi-Fi and High-End equipment remain a niche product: non-specialists clearly know less about its features and capabilities than, for example, the functionality of the new iPhone. In this issue we interviewed Andrei Kompaneets, an expert in the field of PR and marketing and a big fan of the classics and live performances. He shared his thoughts on high-quality sound and technology: how he became acquainted with Hi-Fi and High-End technology, why the “feminine look” on a product helps in choosing acoustics and how to understand that acoustics “sneaks”.

Bass in the words of a musician - We speak with Daniel Dobos, the drummer of the group VSV, about what bass means in understanding a musician. What happens to the bass, how do sound engineers handle the recordings and on which equipment is it better to play music that is “demanding” to the bass.

The quality of audio systems: whether to trust the "beautiful graphics" and reviews in the press - This podcast is devoted to the analysis of the article by engineer-reviewer Steve Guttenberg. It will focus on the benefits of publishing technical characteristics and quantitative indicators of the acoustics in articles, thematic publications and materials on the Internet. What is it: manipulation or help for the right choice? We will try to come to the conclusion: whose opinion is worth listening to, and what subtleties to consider when choosing speakers.

Engineer's opinion: How to create your own ecosystem of sound - We live in the world of sound, get lost in it. Together with the design engineer Yury Fomin, we understand the philosophy of sound: what tasks audio equipment solves, how to find "your" brand and form your own ecosystem of sound. Delve into the work of engineers: what is taken into account when developing and how cultural perception influences it.

Simple words about digital and analog sound - What is sound, and how is the analog representation of sound different from digital? We are talking with A.D. Arsyonov, a physicist and an expert in the field of IT and digital sound. We will discuss the frequencies, formats, physiology and sound conversion in order to understand the principle of operation of high-quality audio equipment.

Sound ecosystem : why engineers are constantly improving existing models of audio systems - Another discussion with Yuri Fomin: discussing the updating of acoustic models. We study the role that human physiology, psychoacoustics and traditions play in the work of engineers on new models.

Old new sound: the views of the engineer and music lover - The theme of this release is a comparison of modern music and music of twenty, forty years old. In the first part, we talk about recording capabilities then and now and about the intricacies of equipment operation. The second part is devoted to the difference in the performance of modern musicians and old school musicians. What is better: constancy or novelty in performance? Roughness or clear sound? We will understand what distinguishes the sound of a live orchestra from good speakers.

We discuss the context of modern sound - Why do we so often do not know what we want, and instead of making an informed choice, we prefer to listen and watch ready-made selections? We dive into the subject: we will tell you where to start, where to go and what to read, in order to plunge into the topic Hi-Fi and High-End audio.

Cinemas, cinemas, videos

Home cinemas : why we decided to build two cinema halls in the Audiomania showroom - We are talking about the idea of ​​our own production of speakers for home cinema halls. Kerim Tatevian, an expert in audio and video equipment, will tell about the design and filling of cinema halls in the Audiomania showroom. We will understand sound insulation, sound pressure and immersive formats. Let's discuss how to hide the speakers in the ceiling and keep the surround sound.

Home audio systems and home theaters - We discuss home appliances: terminology and components of home theaters. We are talking about 3D, home projectors and screens. We will touch on the themes of sound, formats and acoustics for the home: devices, their combinations and subtleties of assembly.

Talking about home theaters - We continue to delve into the topic. Here we destroy the popular myths about the sources and formats of video content. Let's talk about how the quality of sound varies with dubbing (compared to the original track). We'll tell you how to watch one movie in three rooms using an HDMI splitter, and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy a used projector.

“We look at home”: Dolby Atmos and his friends - Why do we need speakers in the ceiling? In this podcast we are talking about immersive formats and Dolby Atmos. Let's see how attitudes towards home theaters have changed since the beginning of the 2000s. We will show you where to start getting acquainted with video equipment and where to look at the equipment in the business before you buy it. A little bit about the intricacies: methods of darkening, screen selection criteria and video formats in Russia.

“We look at home”: we discuss technologies and formats - What is the difference between Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro-3D? Let's talk about video formats: discussing news and trends. A bit about controversial moments: is it possible to watch a movie on an office projector, and is it true that eyes hurt the projector? Expert opinion: where to buy an inexpensive and good projector.

Acquaintance with the new auditoriums of Audiomania - We recorded this podcast in the new audiosmania movie hall. Inside you will find video and audio demonstrations of the showroom. Let us tell you how to create a cinema at home: what to look for and how to make the cinema heard by you, not the neighbors. We are talking about equipment that will allow you to enjoy viewing.

How to live with it: discuss audio and video formats - Here we talk with Alexey Shubin, a specialist in Hi-Fi and High-End equipment, about music preferences and formats. Let's look at the situation with audio and video formats: accessible content, the future of Blu-ray and 4K. We will touch on the topic of completeness of equipment for the house and discuss lossless compression and video containers.

Working with sound and developing acoustics

Zvukotseh: how to create sound for the movie - Let's talk about the sound in the film industry: what people do in the sound shop. A little more detail about the intricacies of the work of the noise maker: how to create a sound for the wings of a ladybug, why noise artists will crumple the starch and beat the cabbage. You will learn how to record sound on the stage and in the studio, and why you should prefer the original audio rather than dubbing.

Every engineer wants to make S-90 - Interview with the founder of Audiomania, Artem Fairmark: how the idea was born and developed, and what difficulties arose in the process of its implementation. Let us analyze the nuances: how to create a high-end for reasonable money and what is the complexity of manufacturing audio equipment cases. Let's touch on the topic of models and rulers of acoustics: what is interesting about the Old School system and how the Emotion line got its name.

How audio equipment falls on store shelves - This issue is devoted to the formation of a range of products: who and how determines the line of brands and root product categories in Audiomania. What details should be considered when packing and shipping. Find out whether it is safe to buy acoustics from the storefront.

Audiocore Kit Speaker Designer - Here we discuss the Audiocore Kit Designer - the development of Audiomeania Design Engineer Yuri Fomin. We are talking about how the idea of ​​creating a designer was born, what are its advantages and what difficulties can be encountered during assembly. We will tell about the available models of the designer and plans for the development of the project.

Development of acoustics: who needs it - Is it worth it to develop acoustics yourself? How difficult is it for a person without experience? About this and many other things our DIY issue. We will show you useful calculation methods for assembling and discuss bottlenecks. We estimate the time, cost and describe the stages of production from the idea to the final product.

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About vinyl

We talk about vinyl: myths, opinions and the current situation - Let's start a conversation with a discussion of the myths about vinyl: “this is for DJs”, vinyl and “lamp” and other opinions. Let's talk about the equipment: how to distinguish the DJ player from the player for home listening music, and what is the problem of cheap equipment. More details about the assembly: how to properly connect all the components. We answer the questions: where it is better to put the player and what its sound depends on. Where to get good records, and why many people love vinyl.

Old new vinyl: its features and properties - Continuing the theme of vinyl. This time we are talking about disputes around old records: does vinyl have an expiration date? Let us tell you what the labeling means, what the first press is, and what factors influence the collection value of the record. A little about the players and records: how to set up, why wash, how to deal with statics, what to track and replace. Additional electronics: why it is needed and what it should be.

Sound podcast: Answers to questions from listeners - In addition to answering questions about projectors, formats, and DACs in this podcast, we will again touch on the topic of vinyl. Find out where the sources of old records come from. We find out, is it true that the quality of audio recordings of fairy tales from our childhood is higher than the quality of modern reprints.


Acoustics: discussing the nature of different sound - We are talking about the difference in the sound of the speakers. We will reveal the subtleties of constructive solutions. We will briefly touch on the topic of amplifiers and show a proven way to select audio equipment.

Old School Acoustics: acquaintance with the history of the brand - you will learn how the brand was created, what is the difference between the Arslab and Old School brands and for whom each of them is intended. Let us tell you what is remarkable about the design of the equipment, and what are the differences between buyers in Russia, Europe and America. Additionally, see the video presentation of the Arslab factory about the process of assembling audio systems.

What can be the devices for controlling resonances : an example of the brand Cold Ray - We offer a review of Cold Ray: what is produced under this brand? We will talk more about what will help the equipment sound better: “improvers”, their types and installation. We will discuss the brand geography, plans and the situation on the market.

“Conservative sound”: discussing Arslab and Penaudio - In the first part of the podcast, let's return to the roots of Arslab: how production started and why Arslab’s audience is “conservative”. In the second part, we will discuss Penaudio: the benefits of cooperation with the Finnish brand and the quality of the acoustics of the Russian-Latvian-Finnish production. Additionally, we will explain why you should not compare Penaudio and Arslab, and how to understand which brand is yours.

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