Why does B2BX conduct an ICO and why will the rate of tokens only grow?

B2BX is a cryptocurrency liquidity aggregator that allows for margin and stock trading operations with the distribution of liquidity to brokerage firms. The company plans to market a cryptocurrency B2B exchange / aggregator or marketplace to which Forex / DMA market participants and stock brokers will be connected. Once connected, they will be able to provide their clients with a cryptocurrency trading service. But why conduct ICO?

The opening of this type of exchange requires considerable financial expenses, the funds for which we plan to attract with the help of ICO. The main items of expenditure related to the preparation of the legal framework. Without this, the work of the exchange will be impossible.

Customers will be able to receive two types of liquidity - exchange and margin. In the first case, the implementation will take place on the basis of a Japanese company with the appropriate license. To implement the second type of liquidity, CySec , ASIC , FCA licenses are required . Getting them is not easy, although it is possible. This process includes the payment of all necessary government fees and guarantee deposits, as well as a whole range of measures to create, prepare and support the corporate structure.

The most cost-intensive preparation stages are:

● consultation and provision of services by specialized specialists in finance and law in each of the declared jurisdictions;
● registration of companies for each license in each of the declared jurisdictions;
● providing companies with professional management (regulator requirement);
● opening of a physical office in each jurisdiction (it requires staff that we will hire);
● financial services for each of the established companies;
● AML support for each company, plus work with professional AML auditors;
● conducting mandatory audits, as well as providing their results to jurisdictional regulators;
● renewal of company licenses (annual procedure).

According to the assessment of our company, the cost of supporting and preparing a corporate structure (these are mandatory payments and government fees when submitting an application) can exceed the cost of obtaining a license in just one year.

Why get licenses not in one, but in several jurisdictions at once? This is necessary for the work of the project in large local markets and coordination of its work with the requirements of local regulators, in full compliance with the legislation.

The company decided to strictly adhere to the requirements of regulators, who are paying more and more attention to the cryptocurrency market. Thus, obtaining licenses will allow providing services to institutional clients in a stable and trouble-free manner.

Another cost item is the expansion of our technical team. To implement all our plans, we need to work with a variety of software platforms and be able to connect the best contractors to the exchange, other exchanges, liquidity providers, etc.

Plus, it is necessary to maintain and maintain a constant performance and fault tolerance of the technical base, including the aggregator, trading platform, bridge. Funds are also needed in order to develop and strengthen the exchange itself, a cryptocurrency broker and exchanger, forex broker, DMA-liquidity, personal account, PAMM / MAM / copyist. Accordingly, the better the products are, the more willing customers are to cooperate.

It is planned to attract € 25 million, for which it is necessary to sell 40 million tokens. Their total emission will be 50 million units. The price of the token when selling is € 0.63. Thus, 40 million tokens will be available for sale, and 20% will be reserved for B2BX, the team and the bounty program.

After the release of 50 million tokens, no further emission is planned.

Goodies to project participants

Another interesting moment for our partners is the creation of the Active Members Club. Any of the holders of a certain number of B2BX tokens who have passed the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedure can become a member of this club. An incentive fund will be created especially for them, to which B2BX tokens will be transferred in the amount of 20% of the total amount of the commission paid by the platform participants.

At the end of the reporting period (every quarter), the tokens will be distributed among all Active Participants in the form of a bonus for the implementation of “Active Projects”. In this case, the more tokens in the hands of the user, the more he receives bonuses. What is an "Active Project"? This is an individual task in favor of B2BX, which the Participant voluntarily performs. There are several types of active users:

● voter;
● legal adviser;
● marketing consultant;
● public relations consultant.

All Participants will receive assignments from the B2BX Project Coordinator at least once a quarter. It is worth remembering that in order to receive the bonus, you must confirm the completion of the task. If there is no confirmation, the bonus may not be paid.

Well, where does the growth of tokens come from?

The implementation plan for the B2BX project provides for an increase in the cost of tokens. Why will their course grow?

1. After the completion of the primary placement of tokens, they will be traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges that are created as part of the turnkey cryptographic service;
2. Tokens will be traded through marginal liquidity of all brokers who receive B2BX liquidity through the FIX API protocol;
3. Upon completion of ICO, the B2BX token will be sold on exchanges that are in the top 15 according to CoinMarketCap ;
4. The main aggregators (Integral, Prime XM, oneZero) will ensure the token liquidity;
5. A certain part of the tokens, which will be distributed among the members of our team, will not be available for trading on the secondary market within six months after the end of the ICO. Accordingly, the risk of falling its value will be minimized;
6. With the help of B2BX tokens, it will be possible to pay for the services and products of the exchange that are listed in the B2Broker catalog. The higher the rate of the token, the more products and services our customers will be able to get;
7. It is possible to provide B2BX tokens holders with a priority service status if they decide to use the services of the company or its products using B2BX tokens.

The rise in the cost of the token will be positively affected by the fact that liquidity will be transmitted to all institutional clients of the aggregator, which, in turn, will broadcast the possibility of selling B2BX tokens to retail clients, and there will be hundreds of thousands of them.

It is worth noting that the plan for ICO and further work was drawn up by a team of specialists with extensive experience in the financial sector, as well as in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Accordingly, we know what is happening in this market and are able to adequately predict the growth dynamics of the B2BX token rate and the development of the entire project as a whole.

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