Photo report: BRONEBOT2017 - how it was

Last Friday, the biggest robot fights took place in Russia. More than 40 teams from around the world, a large armored arena, Fifteen thousand (!!!) spectators, a whole Olympic - all this in order that the garage business fans could completely disguise each other. And I’ll say right away that they managed to do it well - this year the official representative of the Ministry of Defense was even sitting on the jury.

But this is not the end, but only the Moscow semi-final. The final of the whole championship this Sunday in St. Petersburg - on November 5, Yubileyny SC , take the tickets for the present, there will be a final battle for the title of champion after which nobody seems to survive at all.

The first thing that strikes this is the relaxed atmosphere - the organizers run around in a panic, but the participants are not soaring, sipping a free redbul and finishing their robots behind the scenes. A couple of hours with the teams behind the scenes seemed to me the most interesting on the show.

But the other is much more striking - as soon as the siren sounds at the beginning of the battle, the entire chill evaporates somewhere and the battle for life and death begins in the arena. I have never seen such a large number of different robots - it is precisely for this reason that the fights turned out to be so dynamic and full of improvisation.


The brightest battle was WEBER with RIPPER - the first one had a shock frame and an integral body, another had a flipper and fast wheels - as a result, they chased each other more and threw them over the edge of the arena, but it was cool - I called those two flying robots.


But don't say that, and the appearance of Major Damage in the arena is remembered the most. If the robots cannot decide which of them is cooler, then a giant judge is released onto the stage, who reliably ensures that your robot leaves the competition - cuts the hydraulic claw and finishes with a sledgehammer. And his little red eyes, how can you forget them!

In general, enough comments, catch a sheet of photos:

And now the main frame, with the winner of the Moscow stage of the fighting in 2017 - the ENERGY team with their robot BARRACUDA:

So do not waste time, go to St. Petersburg on the 5th of the second stage of the fighting!


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