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English is better to learn, plunging into the language environment. If there is no opportunity to move, it is necessary to create this environment artificially: switch the language on sites and in applications, look for interlocutors, keep a blog in English. Another good way is to take courses in English. This article collected open courses in English about English: concentrating directly on the topic of learning English will help you better understand the language and learn it faster, pumping the skills you need specifically. Suitable for the Intermediate level and above ( there is a test to determine the level, registration is required for passing).

1. Technical Writing - pumping technical writing skills.

2. Specialization Enhance Your Business English Communication - teaches the basics of business English: speech, writing, cross-cultural communication. Consists of 5 courses that can be taken separately.

3. Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen - the course teaches you how to make presentations and speak with them so that people are interested in listening to you.

4. Tricky English Grammar - the course teaches you to understand the grammatical rules of the English language and promises a lot of practice.

5. Better Business Writing in English - pumps over business writing skills: teaches you to choose the right verb forms, constructions and phrases.

6. English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - from the name it is clear that there will be a lot of professional vocabulary in the course, the emphasis is on energy and nanotechnology.

7. Specialization “Transform Your Writing Skills” - consists of 5 courses that are consistently taught to write correctly in English. Each course can be taken separately.

8. Specialization “Improve Your English” - consists of 4 courses, well suited to specialists from the field of digital, as it pumps the skills of e-mail communication, business communication by phone, portfolio creation, self-presentation.

9. Specialization “Master the English Job Search Process” - five specialization courses teach you to competently make a resume and write a cover letter, have an interview in English and talk about yourself.

10. How to Write an Essay - the course teaches grammar, academic writing, as well as correctly use the introductory words and phrases and build the structure of the text.

11. English at Work in Asia: Job Applications and English at Work in Asia: Job Interviews - the courses teach you to look for a job and undergo an interview in English to work in Asia. Judging by the description, they are based on a survey of experts and recruiters of leading companies.

12. Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests - a course for those who have to pass the IELTS exam.

13. An Intermediate Guide to Writing in English for University Study - suitable for those who are going to receive education abroad in English. It is necessary to write a lot, so it is better to prepare in advance.

14. English for Academic Purposes: a MOVE-ME Project Course - another course for those who are going to go to university. Here it is studied not only the letter, but also listening, that is, the perception of speech by ear. Emphasis on academic texts and speeches.

For those who have English below Intermediate

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