The strangest and most ridiculous robots. VIDEO

While developers such as Hanson Robotics are trying to create the most human-like robot , and Google is working on the development of artificial intelligence, many companies are trying to surprise with their creativity. And they do it. Especially the Japanese.

Japan has always been famous for its level of robotics . Recently, however, developers from the Land of the Rising Sun are pulling at something unusual. With their inherent color and extravagance, the Japanese come up with more and more fancy robots.

From our video you will learn about the most unusual of them: the Qoobo robotic pillow, the Hana-Chan robot puppy, the owner’s sniffing socks, the Tomatan tomato feeding the user, and the CB2 robot baby, which looks pretty creepy .

Qoobo robot pillow

The creators of this robot have decided that the main secret of animal charm is in their tails. They position their caudal pillow as a cure for stress. The project is raising money for Kickstarter, and the total amount of donations has already exceeded the stated goal of 5 million yen (about 45 thousand dollars).

Puppy Robot Hana-Chan

In his nose is a special sensor, with which the robot analyzes the freshness of the socks of the owner. Depending on the result, the dog will either depict joy or fall, depicting anguish.

Tomatan - marathon robot

This 8-pound robot was created in 2015 - especially for the Tokyo Marathon. Sitting on the shoulders of an athlete, this robot must in time feed him with tomatoes for recuperation. It is not clear, however, whether the use of tomatoes will overpower the fatigue of carrying extra weight on the shoulders.

Robot child CB2

The device copies the behavior and reactions of a child of one or two years. Under the light-gray silicone skin of a humanoid 200 sensors are located. He is able to track objects with his eyes and react to touch.


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