iPhone X got 6 points from iFixit on the maintainability scale

iPhoneX in all its glory

Numerous fans of Apple products still waited for the release of the iPhone X. And if almost no one stood behind the “eights” in the queues, as happened with the start of sales of previous models, the situation is different for the iPhone X. The first batch of phones bought almost immediately.

I got a copy and the team iFixit, which immediately dismantled it . It turned out that the design of the device is different from other models of Apple smartphones and the difference is not only external. What catches the eye immediately is the battery of the original design. More precisely, just two batteries.

According to representatives of iFixit, this was done so that the remaining elements of the smartphone could be placed more rationally than it was done in previous models. At the same time, the total battery capacity remained almost the same: 2716 mAh compared to 2691 mAh iPhone 8 Plus.

Since the display of the novelty is slightly larger than the display of the iPhone 8Plus, the device’s power consumption is slightly higher. Accordingly, the battery life is shorter than that of the G8, although not by much.

The engineers of the corporation attended to the security of both the double rear camera, which received a special bracket, and the Lightning connector. He also received a new bracket and updated screws. The design of the cameras includes infrared emitters, point projectors and even cameras for drawing up an integrated face map. In order for all this to be placed at the top of the phone, the “auditory” speaker was slightly shifted down.

On the Net, even before the phone came out, they joked about “innovation” in changing the camera position from horizontal to vertical. As it turned out, this had to be done because otherwise the camera would simply prevent the TrueDepth system.

The motherboard has become smaller, but the density of components on it has increased. In fact, Apple "folded" the motherboard by joining both sides together, which made it possible to achieve more efficient use of space. According to representatives of iFixit, this is a very unusual way to reduce the size of the motherboard. However, its repair becomes very difficult, where the probability of success is very close to zero.

It is because of the motherboard that the phone received only 6 out of 10 points on the maintainability scale, although many other components can be replaced with virtually no problems. However, the replacement of the battery and a number of other elements is a little more complicated compared to previous models, since the developers have already used a lot of glue.

Actually, Apple especially never cared that its gadgets easily gave in to repair, so there is nothing surprising.

According to iFixit, if the phone falls, then the owner should hope for the display to drop to the floor / ground. The problem is that replacing the display is cheaper than replacing the back glass panel. And not only because it is expensive in itself, but also because it is necessary to completely disassemble the phone, replacing the case. If you do not use Apple Care + insurance, the replacement of the screen will cost $ 249, but the replacement of the back panel will cost the owner $ 549. Actually, it is only two times less than the cost of the phone itself. It is clear that we are talking about the price of replacing components in Apple service centers, which is not too cheap.

In Russia, iPhoneX was greeted with enthusiasm. Near the shops where they were supposed to sell the devices, there were queues in which buyers stood for several days. Recently it became known that the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia is going to conduct a pricing analysis on the iPhone X. “A complaint was received on the iPhone X. We will conduct a pricing check,” the FAS press service said. The reason for checking is the same prices on a new Apple smartphone from various retailers.

Operate in the Russian Federation and dealers. Thus, the cost of an iPhone X with a memory capacity of 256 GB on Avito is 150-200 thousand rubles. Price iPhone X 64 GB is 90-100 thousand rubles. They sell (and rent) even just boxes from a new phone model. Moreover, the cost of the box may be about 7 thousand rubles.

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