Raise3D: the use of 3D printers in the movies

We have accumulated a huge number of stories on the use of 3D printers Raise3D , and we decided to share with you the most interesting stories and business cases. The first direction about which we will tell is the use of 3D printers in the filming of science fiction films.

Using Raise3D N2 Plus to create the short film “Jurassic Park: The Beginning”

Jurassic Park: Origins is a non-commercial short film conceived by fans of the film "Jurassic Park", which should be a prequel to the original film "Jurassic Park", created in 1993. Since this is a non-commercial project, the filmmakers raise funds for its implementation through crowdsourcing.

Jurassic Park: Origins should not be just a monster dinosaur movie. The goal of the filmmakers is to tell the story of the appearance of dinosaurs, about scientific research, moral and ethical struggle, and human attempts to control nature.

But, of course, there will be a lot of dinosaurs in the movie! The project has a team of CGI professionals who will “revive” them on the screen.

There are also specialists who print prototype models. The Raise3D N2 Plus 3D printer is used to create models of dinosaurs and many other objects.

Here are some examples of creating dinosaur mockups on the N2 Plus:

Initially, the plastic was red, after printing it was painted gray.

The thickness of the head layer is 0.05; body - 0.15.
The head was printed within 24 hours, the body - 55 hours.

As the author of the project says, printing small prototypes on a reduced scale plays a big role in making the film. Thanks to the printing accuracy of Raise3D N Plus, according to models and layouts, you can visualize the movie scenes, calculate the exact dimensions and proportions for animatronics and even set the light correctly.

We wish the guys good luck in their incredibly exciting business and look forward to new printed models, and, of course, the release of the film!

The spider of their movie "Alien", printed on Raise3D N2

Very realistic model of the monster from the horror film "Alien". The model was designed as individual parts on the hinges that can be joined together after printing.

Specifically, this model was printed to please fans of the film "Alien." But it can also be used as a prop for filming. Size of the printed spider: 40 cm wide and 80 cm long.

Material: PLA
Layer thickness: 0.2
Table temperature: 60 °
Nozzle temperature: 200 °
Print time: 28 hours

We cited real examples of Raise3D customers. Of course, this is not about films that are coming out in wide distribution, but the prospects and possibilities of using 3D printing in film production are obvious.

Among the famous films in which 3D printers were used, the following can be singled out: “Terminator”, “Jurassic Park 2”, “Avatar”, “Iron Man”, “007: coordinates of Skyfall”, etc.

In the “Iron Man” on a 3D printer was printed the costume of the hero Robert Downey Jr. First, they scanned the body of an actor, then in the program they modeled a costume model and printed them in parts. This helped to save time, which, when hand-crafted, is usually spent on reworking and “fitting” the costume. In “007: Skyfall Coordinates for filming the scene of an explosion, the cars first produced a copy of Aston Martin DB 5 on a scale of 1: 3. Then on a 3D printer printed 18 parts of the machine: the hood, fenders, roof, doors, etc. The resulting painted car was no different from the original. And, of course, the budget for the explosion of the printed machine was incomparably lower than if it were a real car.

3D printing in filmmaking is a promising direction that will continue to develop. The most important advantage of using 3D printers is that they help to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the film product.

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