The transfer of "Miracle technology" of the readers: we recommend to look. And draw conclusions

Hello! Not so long ago on the NTV channel a program called “Miracle of Technology”, dedicated to electronic readers. Immediately I invite you to see it - it will take no more than 8 and a half minutes.

I, of course, also looked at it. And then I digested what I saw for quite a long time.

Kosyakov counted well, just do not count! Here you and the emphasis on huge readers for 60 thousand rubles, although they actually have a single sale - it's just rarities among the readers. And a comparison of reader screens with the latest iPhones (TV people, I think, get high salaries). And laptops with E Ink screens (where are they, ay! I want to buy! I have never met one of them). And a story about manufacturers trying to make color electronic ink. Although such readers were - in particular, PocketBook - and went down in history.

What do you think about this program and other similar to her? And in general: is it worth talking on TV about technology? I personally think that if we say this, then it is better not to — well, go to the forest. Such a format — 8 and a half minutes at a fast pace — in principle does not make it possible to reveal a multifaceted complex topic. Yes, and to prepare for its disclosure, apparently, the program team in this case was frankly lazy.

In general, let's discuss what they see. Are you shocked too? Or did the transfer work out well?


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