Facebook offers potential victims of pornography to send their naked photos to themselves in advance

What just do people in a fit of anger. Someone is ready to break the phone or throw the laptop out the window. Ways of revenge, too, choose exquisitely. One of the most popular is to post compromising photos and video clips of an ex-girlfriend on social networks. Like, so it will be disgraced, because the photos will see friends and relatives. This is a very common phenomenon called "revenge" (revenge porn). In modern society, the scenes of murder are not surprising to anyone, but showing sex between people in love is a kind of taboo.

Facebook promises to eliminate pornomist using technology. Now a database of hashes is being compiled for photos that are blocked in the social network. The lock works both in the general social network and in private Messenger chat rooms (a proprietary application for IM). Similar technology in 2015 launched by Google .

But in the Facebook system, it’s strange that the company relies on future victims of pornography to replenish the database of hashes. They are asked to "report" in advance of their compromising photos.

The company claims that the procedure is strictly confidential. Your nude photos need to be sent via Facebook Messenger to your own account. Just upload photos to the chat, and then send a “complaint” to Facebook with a request to block these photos. Then the hashes of the unique files will be added to the database, and further distribution of photos in any Facebook systems will be blocked, as well as any attempts to upload them in the future.

Apparently, Facebook does not process videos with home porn, but if the technology of preliminary self-defense is developed, you can also be asked to send a video.

The hashing operation is irreversible, that is, according to the hash it is impossible to restore the original contents of the file. Thus, Facebook employees who have access to the database will not be able to explore the contents of your secret photo album. The photos themselves are not stored in the database.

Now a preliminary self defense program is being tested in Australia. Local users can ask for help on hashing their bare photos to a government official , the e-Safety Commissioner of the Australian Government. According to Australian statistics , 20% of women aged 18–45 years and 25% of natives faced “abuse through photographs” in the country, although it is difficult to explain the last figure without knowledge of local specifics. Maybe the natives cannot be photographed at all, because of the photographs, according to local beliefs, they lose their vitality ... but these are only assumptions.

In 53% of cases, unauthorized distribution of nudity and home porn occurs via Facebook / Messenger, followed by Snapchat (11%) and Instagram (4%), and SMS and MMS are also used. In Australia, the problem is solved at the highest level. There is a form on the state portal through which the victim can send his incriminating photos and videos, if their distribution in social networks has already begun - and the authorities will contact each company and make sure that the content has been removed from the networks.

Australian e-security commissioner Julie Inman Grant (Julie Inman Grant) told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that a pilot program of preliminary self-protection against porn porn has been launched in four countries.

The program was launched without much publicity in other countries. ABC journalists found out about her in the process of investigating a scandal when a player in Australian football Nathan Broad (after winning a championship) distributed on social networks a photo of a certain young girl who keeps his gold medal in an intimate place. Nathan Brod then publicly apologized , and the girl withdrew the lawsuit, although the question remains - why was she so photographed?

It is clear that the Facebook system is fully automatic and confidential, but even if you send your homemade porn to yourself in the Messenger chat, it still goes through the Facebook servers. So this procedure requires considerable user confidence .

On the Slashdot forum, Facebook and the Australian government were greeted with a lot of skepticism. My first thought: to declare that you still have the best service for blocking incriminating photos on all social networks - and invite girls to send their photos and videos along with phone numbers. Someone jokes that after hashing your nudity from Facebook, ads like “We noticed that you have a very small hash, will you come in, would you like to buy pills to increase it?”.

In general, girls are offered an alternative way to protect themselves from pornography: never take photos naked and do not shoot video during sex. Let this method seem a bit exotic, but 100% protect against such situations.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/408033/

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