ISP Aruba and its ambitious projects

Founded in 1994, Aruba is the leading hosting provider in Italy. The company operates in four areas: data centers, cloud services, hosting and sale of domains, e-Security and the provision of certification services. The company takes an active part in the development of key European markets, including France, the UK and Germany, occupies leading positions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is present in Poland and Hungary.

Aruba has extensive experience in managing data centers, the European data center network of the company is able to accommodate nearly 25 thousand racks. More than 2 million domains, 7 million email accounts, 5 million Progress Education Community (PEC) accounts, more than 100 thousand physical and virtual servers, 5 million clients. Since 2014, he has been the official registrar of the prestigious ".cloud" zone.

The company has 4 private data centers, two of them are located in Arezzo (Italy), one - in Ktish (Czech Republic), mainly focused on serving customers from Central and Eastern Europe. The company adheres to the principle of "do no harm to the environment", so their offspring is powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources: not using oil, coal, not producing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

IT1-Arezzo (Italy)

80 km southeast of Florence, on the hills surrounding the upper course of the Arno River, Arezzo is a city with a characteristic moderately warm climate. This city was chosen by the company to build one of its data centers. The total area of ​​the data center IT1 is 5 thousand square meters. meters, and the total area of ​​the server height of 3 meters - 1,500 square meters. meters

The level of redundancy and infrastructure, physical security and reliability of both the infrastructure part and the structure in the whole data center IT1 corresponds to the highest category ANSI / TIA 942-A Rating 4 (previously known as Tier 4). Highest stability and reliability make Aruba’s state-of-the-art information center an ideal place to serve customers in central and southern Italy. The strategic location right in the center of the country, the Tier 4 reliability level, the physical connection to another IT2 data center, which is 2.1 km away, is an ideal solution for disaster recovery and uninterrupted work.

Once again about reliability: the use of the 2N + 1 redundancy scheme, batteries and generators are placed in rooms separately from the server ones. The Network Management Center (NOC) provides round-the-clock monitoring and management of networks, replicating storage in real time in the IT2 data center.

The servers were designed to provide high energy and operational efficiency. The pearl of the anti-seismic vault is the holy of holies - the server. This is an ideal place to accommodate facilities, a comfortable workplace for staff. As for the network connection: the division into 10 "islands", with 70 racks, each with its own switch and router. In general, a data center hosts 1,000 racks, 43,000 physical servers. Power per rack - up to 40 kW. Holding the air flow prevents mixing cold and hot air, thereby providing cooling and creating a comfortable environment for Aruba’s staff and customers. The fire extinguishing system uses gas extinguishing installations using inert gases (IG-100 - Nitrogen). Existence of highly sensitive system of detection of a smoke.

The climate in the area where the data processing center is located has allowed the company to implement a modern solution - Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC), which saves on electricity through the use of external air for server cooling, only with urgent need compressor cooling is used. IT1 is a green data center. Server storage was designed to maximize the use of solutions that will have a minimal environmental impact. Electricity is used only with 100% renewable sources.

IT2-Arezzo (Italy)

The data center IT2, thanks to its advantageous location in the center of Italy, attracts users. The proposed colocation services are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. As mentioned above, a backup connection to another company's data processing center at a distance of several kilometers (IT1) ensures the provision of optimally fast disaster recovery and ensuring uninterrupted operation of projects.

The total area of ​​the campus is 2000 square meters. meters Under the server reserved half of the area - 1000 square meters. meters There are three separate server rooms, the data center has 18,500 physical servers, and the network control center (NOC) provides round-the-clock monitoring and control of networks. The total capacity of the server storage is 1.5 MW, Dynamic Free Cooling is the cooling capacity in IT2. To power the brainchild, electricity from 100% renewable sources is used. The fire extinguishing system uses gas fire extinguishing installations using inert gases (IG-55 - Argonite).

Z1 - Czech Republic

Located in the Czech Republic, the FCZ1 data processing center in Ktish is the third private data center of the international network ARUBA SpA Northern Storage ensures excellent and safe customer service in the Czech Republic and other European countries, especially in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

The total area of ​​the reinforced concrete single-storey data center is 1500 square meters. meters, there are racks with more than 5 thousand physical servers. All key systems are backed up, thereby minimizing disruptions and ensuring maximum availability and data security. Each server room is cooled by a separate group of air conditioners. For cooling installed air conditioning system "Free Cooling" using colder outdoor air.

Service continuity is guaranteed by:

What makes a company competitive in the market? Aruba places its data centers outside of major cities in private buildings, using solutions and systems that reduce the carbon footprint. As is known, the Free Cooling air conditioning system used for cooling in the data center is energy efficient and requires minimal costs. Each server room is cooled by a separate group of air conditioners, each of these groups is configured with redundancy of at least N + 1. In addition, all air conditioners in the data center are connected to the backup power circuit. The server rooms are kept at a constant temperature of 20 ° C and relative air humidity of 45%.

In the switchboard and the UPS, the air conditioning system is equipped with free cooling, which uses colder outside air to cool the servers and other indoor devices.

IT3 - the largest campus of the data center in Italy

In the summer of this year, Aruba completed the construction of the first stage of the largest campus in the Italian town of Ponte San Pietro (40 km from Milan). The plans of the total area of ​​the server storage rooms will reach 200 thousand square meters. meters, the power of such a giant will be 90 MW. A land plot of about 90 thousand square meters was purchased for construction. meters

All systems were designed and built to meet the highest standards of reliability ANSI / TIA 942-A Raiting 4 (formerly level 4). The server farm will be ultramodern and high-tech, serving as an example of a high level of security. Users can sleep and not worry about the safety of their data and equipment - non-stop security, 7 different technologies to ensure the protection of the area make your sleep sound.

The primary circuit is cooled by a geothermal cooling system (groundwater), such a system contains heat exchangers with redundancy according to the 2N scheme, they cool the secondary circuit leading to the server circuit. In case of emergency failure of the geothermal cooling system there are air / water cooled chillers. Servers and other equipment are planned to be cooled with air conditioning systems like CRAH.

To power the offspring used electricity generated from 100% renewable sources. Aruba went further in this project and built its own hydroelectric power station to partially power the campus infrastructure. Hydroelectric power plants are located on the Brembo River, which runs near the data center. 119 UPSs are responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the critical infrastructure, which account for 11,564 batteries (2N + 1 redundancy), and there are also 32 diesel power generators. 48 hours without refueling guaranteed.

Judging from all of the above, Aruba effectively used cutting-edge solutions to create data centers to provide users with maximum performance, ensure uninterrupted operation and a high level of security, while eliminating the negative impact of computing power on the environment.

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