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The comfort zone is evil. Though pleasant, even very. But evil. Especially when it comes to self-development and language learning. If every day in the work to use fairly simple vocabulary and grammar with minimal changes, there is a high probability that you will start to forget all sorts of Conditionals or Future Perfect. Of course, we need to maintain the language at the proper level and develop it, so we asked our teachers to share books that help them in this. So get ready for the selection for high levels and not only!


Ship or Sheep? An Intermediate Pronunciation Course

In this tutorial you will find a good test that will show your weaknesses (all sorts of “sree” or “fries”). Even if nothing of the kind is found, the textbook should go from beginning to end, and here's why:

Vocabulary and grammar

Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency

If you want to become a guru and a pro in English - this book is for you, especially if you plan to take international exams. And that's why:

A simpler level is also available (for Upper-Intermediate ).

Advanced Grammar in Use

A chic and very popular series of books in English, which our teachers often use as additional practice in grammar:

The textbook is presented for different levels ( Elementary including).

Oxford Practice Grammar

Not less cool manual, similar in structure to the previous tutorial:

Versions available for most levels.


We can say that this is an old-school (for a long time new versions did not come out) a grammar textbook with its own structure:

Grammar. Exercise book

Perhaps one of the most controversial textbooks around which discussions often arise and
among our teachers. But the textbook has several advantages:


Oxford Advanced Learner`s dictionary

A cool dictionary built on the Language Corpus system - presenting information using examples:

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

This book is considered the best-selling explanatory dictionary in America and here's why:

Of course, this list of books is far from exhaustive, but it will be an excellent basis for you to develop your English language skills. And what textbooks do you use?

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