Prepare the sleigh in the summer, and the heart rate monitor in the fall. Picked up a few cheap but high-quality copies.

We offer a small selection of reliable and cheap devices, probably in some ways even the best within their categories.

Pulsometers have been to many places: in the ear as headphones, and on the heels (as weights), but “classic” models are still popular: on the chest or on the wrist. Since the heart rate monitor is a practical thing rather than a “designer accessory”, it is possible that visually some of the models presented by us will not impress you. However, not all of them will be visible at all during training.

On the chest - Nexx

These include the Nexx heart rate monitor . A rather simple design is a belt and a chest strap that processes the signal.

The pulse meter is made quite reliably, it has good performance in terms of accuracy, but the main thing is that it does not tie, but is attached. In other words, the Nexx is an ordinary Bluetooth heart rate monitor, which doesn't even have its own software, but works in tandem with anyone convenient for you.

And at its affordable cost, it leaves behind many, even Chinese competitors! Now there is an additional IGIHJI coupon for a discount of 500 rubles: the coupon is valid when you pay for the gadget on the site.

On the chest and on the wrist - W117

Watches that are paired with a chest strap are not a bad decision. As such, statistics cannot be saved: the pulse will be during exercise before the eyes, but for many such a decision is sufficient.

Model W117 features clear design, intuitive display and reliable pairing of both devices during training. Plus, this is a simple control and settings.

For those who are interested in this model, we also prepared a BKCCVK coupon for a discount of 500 rubles when paying on the site .

On the wrist - Mio

The first version of the Mio Alpha sports watch is an accurate optical pulse with external noise compensation, reliable data reading even in extreme situations.

Mio Global sensors proved themselves to be among professional athletes, in amateur sports, and among equipment developers - the first pulse meters with optical sensors from Garmin were made exactly at Mio!

The PDPFGT coupon for a discount of 500 rubles is also valid for this watch with a heart rate monitor.

Episodic heart rate monitor - C400

The key advantage of the Lifetrak C400 as an episodic heart rate monitor is that it is not just a pulse at a specific second, but a pulse in the range of up to 30 seconds, which allows you to see the dynamics of changes, the trend of heart rate.

He does not claim the title of "sports heart rate monitor", however, as a cardio-watch, the C400 model is reliable and perfectly performs the stated functions. Comparing with the same Mio heart rate monitor, you can see how they go "nostril to nostril", solving different tasks on the same high level.

You can buy Lifetrak C400 watches at a discount of 1000 rubles: the coupon LKSSDF is valid when paying online!


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