The display of the iPhone X besides the burning out showed up other problems.


Some owners of the newest smartphone from Apple iPhone X complain that the display of the phone at low temperatures (near zero and below) begins to react badly to touch. Darus 214 was one of the first to report this to Reddit . He said that his iPhone X had practically ceased to respond to touching the display of the phone at low temperatures. Everything was good in the room, but as soon as this user went outside, the display almost stopped working.

He tried to scroll on a previously open web site, but nothing happened. After the message of Darus 214, other users also complained about a similar problem. Apple responded quickly enough, responding that all this can be easily fixed with a firmware update, which will be done in the near future. Plus, the company said that it is necessary to work with the phone at temperatures from 0 to +35 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the smartphone may not work correctly.

In its appeal, the corporation said that in some circumstances, the iPhone X may temporarily stop responding to user touch, but after returning to working conditions that are optimal (i.e., a positive temperature), the phone again starts to function normally. According to company representatives, the source of the problem was discovered, and it will be removed when the firmware is updated. But what is the problem and what led to its appearance, the company does not inform.

In addition to this, one more problem was found in the iPhone X, which, by the way, is relatively often found in Samsung phones (the South Korean corporation is the official supplier of screens for Apple). The problem is the spontaneous appearance of a vertical green bar running across the entire display. Rebooting does not help - the band remains. Reports of this are published on Reddit , Twitter and Apple support . At the moment, not many people complain about this problem, but it exists. In addition, not all write about the failure of the display on the web.

The green bar sometimes appears on the screens of Samsung phones. Now this is the “disease” of the iPhone X

"On the very first day of use, a bright green bar appeared on the right side of the iPhone X screen," said Apple Support Communities user benvolio1979. The thickness of this strip is 1-3 pixels. Such cases are claimed by users of different countries. “I just played on my smartphone when the line appeared,” says one of the users of the MacRumors forum. This problem is acquired, not "innate." None of the affected owners of mobile devices has not yet stated that the defect was already noticeable when the device was first turned on. The strips appeared after several hours or days of work. However, it was possible to understand that the problem is found in devices with 64 and 256 GB of built-in flash memory in silver and gray.

The bar appears on the left or right side of the display, and the smartphone is not exposed to external factors like a fall. Apple support staff, trying to help, ask the owners of the problem phones whether they have been updated to iOS 11.1.1. The corporation states that updating the firmware may solve the problem. It is already known about the cases when the company replaced the problem phone to the user who applied to the service.

The problem of "vertical stripes" is characteristic of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which was equipped with an OLED-display. After the proceedings, Samsung has recognized this problem as a hardware, not a software failure.

Earlier, Apple has published a memo, which said that with a constantly active display of the phone, slight visible changes may appear. In order to avoid burnout, in the opinion of the corporation, it is necessary to regularly update the software, use the “Auto-brightness” function, set the phone to turn off the display when idle and do not leave static images on for a long time.

We are not talking about recalling phones yet, there are not so many problem cases as far as it can be understood.


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