# Smart dishes: a spoon for those suffering from Parkinson's disease Gyenno Spoon

Category of gadgets for the elderly - one of the most extensive. And every year the number of devices grows, which are addressed to people in the age directly, and those that can be used by them at will or necessity.

Recently, we even brought together some of the most interesting gadgets into one collection , which also mentioned such a niche as “smart dishes”, where we deliberately ignored special spoons designed to compensate for tremor.

One of them is a spoon of Gyenno Spoon .

The device does not have “smart” characteristics, in other words it does not connect to the smartphone, which is logical: it pursues one single task - to compensate for the tremor of the limbs, in order to facilitate the ingestion of food. Given that the capacity is too deep, you can’t eat soup with such a spoon:

She also "copes" with the salad.

And with some kinds of hot dishes.

Hot - hot strife. For example, rice in Japanese cafes has “increased stickiness,” and with it there are generally no problems. It is also impossible not to notice that the soup was still dripping from the spoon, as it probably would have been dripping from any other.

We are not able to fully “imitate” tremor in order to fully appreciate the value of the device, but it is obvious that due to its characteristics, part of the movements that are not sharp, Gyenno will compensate, facilitating food intake. The task of such a device is not to make the reception cleaner, but to enable a person to eat normally after all.

Realizing this goal, the developers endowed the device with several simple features: the gadget reacts to the movements of the hands and the part with a spoon shifts now left-right, then up and down, stabilizing, approximately keeping the capacity in one position.

The spoon itself consists of two parts: a nozzle and a base.

In the nozzle there is no electronics. The upper part, as it should be, is easily removed in order to wash it after eating. The part that a person holds in his hand has a removable battery and stabilizer inside.

To charge the structure it is necessary to put it on the docking station, which of course comes in the kit.

A spoon with its size sits quite comfortably in the hand, and it is not heavy.

The weight of the device is 127 grams.

As a small summary, we note that the spoon is quite convenient and understandable,
easy to use. The absence of any extra functions here is rather a plus. The charge indication is visible on the front side of the gadget. The docking station is large and simple (more on this below), you won't miss it, and the device will definitely have a full charge when necessary!

Of course, Gyenno - not the first

Perhaps the "pioneers" of such a niche as spoons for tremor compensation were the developers at Lift Labs with the LiftWare project .

Their model is the most recognizable, the most famous project, and nothing can be done about it.

Considerable attention is paid to the design of the device and packaging, the characteristics of compactness, despite the fact that the scope of delivery is also quite voluminous:

The colossal amount of space was saved due to the LiftWare docking station - it is implemented as a small stand, and this, frankly, is a minus rather than a plus for this category of devices.

At such a docking station is no longer just throwing away, gadget, as it were, it needs to be installed. What to hide - it is not right to put it out of the box right away, and for an elderly person, for a second, with a tremor, such actions can be difficult, time-consuming.

The task, although it seems trivial, in reality is not such: assignment within the base -

Must exactly match with the leads on the bottom of the body at a certain angle, etc.

Frankly, sometimes it is "dancing with a tambourine." But aesthetics is, apparently, a conscious choice of Lift Labs: a spoon, one might say, more beautiful, more graceful, and even easier — it weighs 95 grams.

The rubber protective layer is hidden inside the structure:

And the most important part - the spoon - is slightly wider and a little deeper.

Liftware - left

It feels like stabilization in LiftWare is better, the spoon is more sensitive and responds more smoothly to light movements.

The principle of operation of the device is absolutely the same: compensation of movements up and down and left and right and stabilization of the user's spoon for a more comfortable, full meal.

As a small summary. From an aesthetic point of view, LiftWare beats competitors, however, as it seems to us, this is not always convenient. Size and weight are a definite plus, but the same docking station is a minus: it is not obvious, at least, and unstable. For example, a person suffering from tremor may tritely drop a device. When to put it on charging is also a question: there is no external indicator.

Both devices in terms of charging probably work on the same principle: for example, the Gyenno Spoon lasts for 180 minutes of continuous work, so it is logical to put it on charge daily to enjoy the full next day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cost of devices differs by 10-20 dollars. In Russia, the estimated price of Gyenno Spoon will be 14,990 rubles .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/408143/

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