November 19th we invite you to the fifth DIY Meetup

Hello! Mail.Ru Group DIY community - developers who in their spare time do all kinds of cool, unexpected things (smart home and smart watches, hug, thermal imager on FLIR Lepton do it yourself, electric bicycles and much more, you can find all this in our blog on Giktatimes) - periodically get together to talk about their developments to those who want to and share experiences with friends in mind.

On Sunday, November 19, we invite everyone to the fifth open DIY Meetup Mail.Ru Group in Moscow: sign up soon! According to the results of the voting, we formed a program for the mitap;

- “Postmorthem: how we made a ping-pong game 80x80 cm from Lego and Bioloid for a corporate competition”
Konstantin Usachev, Mail.Ru Group

Konstantin will talk about the project - from finding ideas and prototyping implementation options to the logic of playing unsigned integers and project presentation. And also about why Lego Classic and Lego Technic are amazing (especially Technic).

- “Teaching Arduino to print telegrams”
Egor Alexandrov, MSTU "STANKIN"

A small project on Arduino is a device that prints on your paper tape notifications to your phone, for example, messages from different instant messengers or news from Twitter. Article about the project, video .

- “As a hobby has become a job. My 3D Fraser
Denis Mingalev

The report will be devoted to the milling machine - about the prerequisites of the purchase, difficulties in use, modeling software, ways of making money, combining milling and printing on film.

- “Arduino Must Die: Mbed OS + STM32”
Vladislav Zaitsev, Unwired Devices

What is bad Arduino and why the place to her is on the dustbin of history.
A series of STM32 controllers as a replacement for obsolete AVR controllers.
A real-time operating system is easy.
The operating system VS supercycle + interrupt: the OS starts and wins.
Quick start from the available components (STM32Nucleo).
Opportunities out of the box: shell, timers, processes, “smart” sleep mode, full debugging with GDB.

- “The special magic of LED strips”
Yuri Lilekov, Badoo

Report on the types of LED strips, their features and methods of application. Yuri will talk about how he tried to collect an unusual New Year's garland, an “endless mirror” and a backlight for the TV and what came of it.

- “How in a month to build a plane with a wingspan of 8 meters and fly 10 meters on it”
Alexey Ustyantsev, Mail.Ru Group

Alexey will tell about the project with which he took part in the RedBull Flugtag:

1) the general story about flugtag - how, why, why;
2) how we developed the concept - design vs. functional vs. security;
3) construction - materials, approaches, processes;
4) testing (more precisely, its absence);
5) the flight itself :)

- “Light tablets: from crafts to business”
Valery Kondakov

The birth of ideas, investments and search for suppliers, the formation of production, market entry. How the approach to the product changed, how the product itself changed. What obstacles had to be overcome in order to find a niche in the market. The story of how once fulfilling the request of his wife, you can "get a little" carried away.

- "" Do not forget to water the flowers "Combine IoT and augmented reality"
Artyom Denisov

We combine augmented reality, the Internet of things and a smartphone. Using the example of the “Fields of Me” device, the speaker will show how to connect the phone, sensors of the Internet of things (for receiving data) and applications of augmented reality (for interpreting the obtained data).

- “How to dive Roguelike-world using two LEDs and a pair of buttons”
Emil Sataev

Few people know that the progenitors of modern RPGs were bagels. Games that have a rather interesting gameplay and a good study of the world were often completely deprived of graphics, and information about the world and the player’s state was presented as text or symbols (which, of course, did not diminish interest in the game). Using the example of his DIY-portable game console, the speaker will demonstrate how to minimize the interaction interface with the player to two LEDs and two buttons, but at the same time preserve the fundamentals of the game mechanics, the ability to level the character.

- “The Internet is where it is not”
Kirill Kuznetsov

Kirill will share information about stationary communication on the basis of 3G-LTE: ways to achieve normal performance, common problems and how to solve them. And also about the configuration of the equipment, the possibilities of improvement on their own and alternative ways of assembling the equipment.

- "Pros - friends or enemies?"
Igor Avtushenko

The report will be devoted to C ++ as the basis of Arduino: let's talk about the main differences from C, syntactic sugar and meanings, default parameters and much more. The report will also highlight the overlapping functions, classes, the importance of the designer, the types of templates.

To participate you must register .

Collection of participants and registration: 10:30
Reports start: 11:00
Approximate end of the event: 17:30

Address: Moscow, m. Airport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p.79.


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