An enthusiast made an audiobook based on Mike Mullein's Memoirs "Riding a Rocket"

In the spring of this year, a Russian translation of the memoirs of astronaut Mike Mullein was released, and six months later an amateur reading appeared ( iTunes , VKontakte , PodFM , Podster ) by the space enthusiast and audiobooks Alexander Frolov.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reading was carried out without the consent of the publisher, as a non-commercial project. Publisher and copyright owners may request that content be removed from public access, I recommend you hurry to read.

Mike Mullein at workouts in the open space, hereinafter photo from a personal site

Man and memoirs

Mike Mullein became ill with space when he was 12 years old when in 1957 the first satellite flew over his head. After that, a whole generation began to build models of rockets.

All his life, Mike wanted to build so as to become an astronaut. The defect of sight blocked him the most obvious way to military pilots. But he did not give up, eventually becoming an armament operator (the second member of the crew on some aircraft) and made 134 sorties in Vietnam.

The Space Shuttle program created space for astronauts who could not be pilots, and Mullein was able to pass in the first set and made three flights (STS-41D, STS-27 and STS-36). Mullein's memoirs in a bright, indecent, professional and very Funny talk about this stage of the American space program.

After completing his astronaut career, Mullein became a motivational speaker, wrote several books, and continued the adventures of his childhood journey, becoming a mountaineer.

Mullein early married and happily married so far. He has three children and six grandchildren. Family relationships and the cut of the American society are very curiously shown in the memoirs.


Everyone has different tastes, but I personally liked the voice acting. The voice is good, the diction is clear, the roles in the dialogs are distinguishable, the background music and sounds are pleasant almost to the ASMR effect. Separately, I would like to note that Alexander approached the matter with a soul and did not regret work - in the right places in the book audio recording of the death of Grissom, White and Chaffee on Apollo 1, the audio of that very start STS-41D and other historical sounds. Audio "Sputnik-1" selected less familiar, but it's not scary. Also, the notes explaining the main text are very well perceived, without them the book would be more difficult to understand - and the aviation terms and cultural aspects of America in the 80s will not be obvious to everyone.

Many thanks to Alexander for giving us the opportunity to perceive a great book.


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