Ajax Systems: a universal security system for an apartment, home or office

On Geektimes and Habré many articles about various security systems, both factory, and DIY were published. However, most of them are specialized. Some protect the house from unwanted guests, others warn about exceeding the concentration of dangerous substances in the air or inform the owner about smoke / fire / flood in the room.

Since there are really many such systems, there are attempts to combine various sensors into a single system that would collect information from all the elements in the room, process and send to the owner if necessary. At Madrobots, we were looking for a universal system that could offer everything at once, without having to buy additional solutions from third-party manufacturers. Tried a lot of options for various companies, tried SmartHome and DIY systems. All had some problems and shortcomings, which over time more and more. In the end, they decided to install a professional security system (our office is rather large, yes), which supports the latest technologies. Break on the Internet a mountain of information, stopped at the system from Ajax Systems. About her today and tell.

The main thing to remember when reading a review (this or any other) is that the security system will come in handy sooner or later. Often we hear that a robbery, fire or flood happens to someone. Usually, a person simply rejoices that it did not happen to him, and forgets about the risks. But in fact, it’s not worth hoping that the problems will pass. In addition, even if there is property insurance - it does not always help. Insurance companies love to delay the consideration of insurance claims, sometimes not compensating for damage at all. It is possible and necessary to insure property, but at the same time, it is worth taking care and additional measures - such as a security system.

Yes, we can immediately say that we sell this system, like many other things we are talking about. But before, we had worked with her ourselves, having studied, and only then, we started selling. Let's get down to business.

main idea

When developing the system, the authors were guided by the idea of ​​creating something universal. After a relatively long R & D period, a wireless security system emerged that protects immediately from penetration, fire and flooding. It meets all requirements for professional security systems. Ajax is a wireless, professional, integrated security system that is controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

At the moment, Ajax has 15 different devices connected to the single hub Ajax Hub. These are motion sensors, opening doors and windows, impact and tilting, glass breaking, leakage, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. Plus there are combined sensors and power supply control relays.

Managed by Ajax from a smartphone. The application (available for iOS and Android) informs about the status of all devices in the system, allows you to change their settings and modes of operation, shows a detailed history of events, and promptly notifies you of alarms. The security system can have up to 50 users, each can be given a certain amount of rights and set the optimal notification mode: Push, SMS, calls.

Using the application "Ajax PRO: a tool for engineers", installers and technicians of security companies can easily manage a large number of objects. For system owners, there are more Ajax management options. The roles of individual users in the system are flexible.

The system is set up in half an hour, it all depends on the size of the object where the sensors are installed. Sensors are connected to the hub - the device controlling the system. The connection is made through the application by reading the QR code on the sensor body (or package). The developers have tried to make the default settings optimal. Fix better screws, double-sided tape can be, but undesirable. In general, anyone can install the system, regardless of whether he has professional knowledge or not. If you suddenly need additional information - you can refer to the instructions or support. If desired, you can order the installation.

The control application is equipped with a large number of functions. Thanks to this, the user can independently control any object with the Ajax security system installed. There is a log of events. Upon the occurrence of any of the events stipulated by the system rules (and the configured user), notifications are sent. In addition, the software platform allows you to provide access to other users and customize their roles.

What can Ajax do?

All sensors are wireless; the range of signal reception and transmission between the sensor and the hub reaches up to 2 km under direct visibility conditions. From battery sensors work up to 7 years. Security system can scale, add or remove devices. The maximum number of sensors supported by the system is 100. This is quite enough even for a large enterprise.

This is not a DIY solution, but a professional security system that is resistant to hacking attempts. He was independently verified and received several European certificates . All sensors are protected from dismantling using SmartBracket mounts with tampers, and a regular interrogation of the sensor quickly detects its loss. To do this, they are polled once every 36 seconds by the hub, reporting their condition. Ping settings can be changed by setting the interval from 12 to 300 seconds. The communication channel with the server at the hub two - is a wireless GSM and wired Ethernet. The hub is not afraid of jamming and de-energizing, it works offline up to 15 hours. Protection against jamming is organized using the communication protocol Jeweller. Jeweler Wireless Protocol is a proprietary company. It uses a non-noise frequency due to its ability to search for a clear frequency in the event of a channel jamming (within 868.0-868.6 MHz). The range of the system is up to 2000 m. The advantages of Jeweller include range, energy efficiency, two-way communication, data encryption and jamming notification.

If you turn off the power, the owner (and the security company, if it is involved) will receive a notification about the loss of power. Offline mode is quite long - 15 hours. If you turn off the Internet or mute the GSM channel, a corresponding message will appear in the application. If the light disappears, the GMS signal and the Internet, the system will work locally and if a siren is installed, it will work. In addition, the owner and the security desk will receive a notification about the loss of the connection with the server.

Different Ajax bundles allow different levels of security:

Ajax applications are constantly being improved and improved - hub software updates and new mobile applications extend the functionality of the security system.

And what about the connected devices?

Ajax Systems has 15 sensors and connected devices, and the list of available modules is constantly expanding. To describe all of them does not allow the volume of the article, so we take for example 5 different modules that perform different functions.

Ajax FireProtect Plus


FireProtect Plus is a fire detector that, moreover, can measure the concentration of carbon monoxide that is most dangerous for health. It is able to detect fire, accompanied by smoke, a sharp increase in ambient temperature (even without smoke) and carbon monoxide.

Detection of smoke is carried out using an optical system. If the temperature rises above the tolerance limit of 59 degrees Celsius, the sensor also alarms. There is a built-in siren that turns on when these problems are detected and operates at a volume of 85 dB (the noise of an airplane taking off is estimated at about 110 dB).

This sensor can work offline, without connecting to a hub. It allows you to test the smoke chamber from the application.

Ajax homesiren


As you can already understand from the name, this is a siren. It, like all other Ajax devices, is wireless. You can tune the siren to trigger any of the sensors connected to the system separately. The volume of work - from 81 to 105 dB, and the volume is also adjustable. If desired, you can connect an external LED, which, when entering into the security mode of the entire system, will flash with a second interval - a good warning for possible unwanted guests.

That is, the Ajax HomeSiren siren is triggered not only when someone suddenly breaks into the apartment, but also in the event of a high temperature, smoke, pipes burst (or a forgotten crane that floods the room) or after pressing the panic button. Siren can wake up and the dead, so that oversleep the danger does not work.

Ajax keypad

This device is a wireless keyboard. The keyboard controls the hub, the hub gives commands to the sensors. It duplicates the application partly - it can, for example, using the keypad, you can disarm the system, turn on the alarm. But only with it you can disarm the system in the "under duress" mode.

The Ajax KeyPad keyboard design is quite successful - it looks stylish, the interior will not spoil. The actions performed by the user on the keyboard are duplicated in the application, in the activity log. The journal reflects not only the user's actions with the keyboard, but in general, all system activity.

Ajax CombiProtect


This is a combined motion sensor and glass break. He is able to monitor the integrity of the glass in a radius of 9 meters. Human movement (does not react to animals) Ajax CombiProtect detects from 12 meters. If necessary, you can adjust the threshold of the sensor, increasing the sensitivity to the reaction and in animals.

The probability of triggering the Ajax CombiProtect sensor due to spurious signals triggered by drafts, thunderstorms, reflections and other factors is reduced to a minimum.


This is a small power control relay electrical devices. The “module” is able to read power consumption, protect smart devices connected to the outlet, disconnecting them in the event of an overload in the power grid, and perform a number of other functions. WallSwitch can be used to completely de-energize housing in remote mode. The relay will help create a sense of presence: while on a business trip, you can turn on the lights in the rooms, which will scare off intruders. Another option is to control the heaters remotely. You can turn them on remotely, a few hours before returning home. And if you also connect a water solenoid valve , then using the WallSwitch you can turn off the water in the entire apartment if the pipe burst.

Like all other modules, WallSwitch connects to a common hub .

Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that the depth of the bottom to accommodate the module should be about 60 mm.


IP surveillance cameras can be connected to Ajax, the application broadcasts up to 10 RTSP streams.

These are not all sensors offered by Ajax Systems. In addition to the named, there is a smoke sensor with temperature sensor Ajax FireProtect, street siren Ajax StreetSitren, remote control with alarm button Ajax SpaceControl, sensor for opening doors and windows Ajax DoorProtect, motion sensor Ajax MotionProtect and several other devices.

In addition to cameras, you can connect additional sensors from third-party manufacturers, for which you need a Transmitter module. This option is provided for advanced users who need additional features. For example, you can connect an outdoor traffic camera to Ajax, which is not in the company's range of devices.

As output

At the end of the review, I would like to emphasize once again that Ajax is a professional-level security system. It is versatile and flexible - you can install and customize it yourself for your own needs, expanding the original basic kit to an advanced security system with dozens of sensors, sensors and cameras. If necessary, the Ajax security system can be connected to the monitoring console of a security company - if trouble happens, professionals will respond quickly.

You can arm and disarm the system using a mobile application, a SpaceControl keyfob and a KeyPad keypad - as is more convenient for the user.

On the plus side, Ajax is constantly releasing updates to the Hub software and the mobile application, which adds new features. The latest updates include support for video surveillance cameras, flexible setup for activating sirens, “round robin” for fire detectors (one of them detected a fire — all sensors include sirens). By the way, the hub is updated without user intervention, and only when the system is disarmed.

Another plus is the reliability of protecting the system from hacking, as discussed above. Typically, manufacturers of smart devices pay maximum attention to the functionality of their system and its design, forgetting that in our time it is necessary to protect smart devices from external interference.

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