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Boston Dynamics, one of the leaders in the development of two-legged and four-legged robots, today added a new video on which their Atlas robot confidently jumps on obstacles of different heights, turns around in a jump, jumps off obstacles and even flips back:

Characteristics of Atlas from the official website of the company: Height - 1.5 meters. Weight - 75 kg. Portable load - 11 kg. The power source is the battery. Drive - hydraulic. Vision - LiDAR and stereo cameras. The number of joints - 28.

Atlas is the latest development of the company in the model range of humanoid robots. The control system coordinates the movements of the arms, torso and legs of the robot and allows it to be used where people work. As a result of a good balance, it can solve a wide range of tasks, taking up very little space - i.e. standing in the same place.

In the production of widely used 3D printing. As a result, the robot is compact and durable with less weight. Stereo cameras, distance sensors and other sensors give Atlas the ability to carry different objects in their hands and move over rough terrain. He can maintain balance after a jolt and stand up on his own after a fall.

Also, three days ago, Boston Dynamics added a video with their new SpotMini:

Characteristics: Height - 0.84 meters. Weight - 25 kg (30 kg with a manipulator). Portable load - 14 kg. The power source is the battery. Drive - electric. Sight - stereo camera. The number of joints - 17.

SpotMini is a four-legged robot that is compact enough for an office or home. It works for about 90 minutes without recharging. It is also the quietest robot of the company, which inherited mobility from the elder brother of the Spot, and also got the opportunity to take and carry objects using a manipulator with five degrees of freedom and pressure sensors. He carries a stereo camera, a camera for measuring distance, and others.

The first version of SpotMini:

Handle - fast robot on wheels, capable of carrying 45 kg .:

It is difficult to comment on the latest version of Atlas - the video speaks for itself. It is amazing how accurate, balanced and reliable the movements of the latest generation of robots of this company are.

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