Fantastic indie games: Odyssey, Kerbal Space Program, ChromaGun and others

Indie games are a refuge for programmers who dream of making games but don't want to be a small cog in a large gaming corporation. Of course, in the indie sphere budgets are ridiculous by the standards of major publishers and developers, but the recognition - and payback with a profit - is achieved by truly talented games, and not those for the promotion of which megabucks are involved. Do not misunderstand: a large budget does not compensate for lack of talent. But still, talent and with small investments can make a game that sinks into the soul, and heartless corporate machine and generous investments do not guarantee nationwide gaming love. In general, we are here at Giktaimes for a progressive bright future, so we gathered a handful of fantastic indie games that many of us liked.


If you like games like the legendary Myst, The Witness or Dear Esther, then you will also like Odyssey. The girl and her family were trapped in the Wretched Islands, and they need to escape from there, solving all sorts of riddles and puzzles along the way. It looks beautiful, interesting puzzles, and these are not any incomprehensible abstractions, but very specific tasks that will make us remember the basics of astronomy and mechanics.

Kerbal Space Program

If you feel in your heart that you could achieve a lot if you controlled the space program of a powerful power - this game is for you. Here you can invent and build your own spacecraft and their carriers. If luck did not fail, and your pepelats went into the calculated orbit, then you can begin to build a space station. And there it is not far until the next step - the conquest of other planets. The graphics are simple, but the gameplay is very complicated and interesting, so don't be fooled by the ridiculous appearance of the astronauts and minion cousins ​​from Despicable Me.


An absurd-looking ruzhzho who shoots colored balls looks like a kindergarten version of a paintball marker. But with it you can relax after a hard day's work, fooling the evil spiny balls and solving puzzles.


Head idiot? Colleagues envious and deceitful bastards? Are there any genetic trash around you? Run RUINER - this is cyberpunk, blood, guts. Very near future, in which technology allows you to hack another person and control him like a doll. You are a cyborg who no longer wants to endure surrounding chaos and corruption, and decided to burn out to punish the main villain, in the process destroying dozens of villains smaller.


Very stylish looking psychedelic thriller. A girl named Ena spent a century on a spacecraft in suspended animation. Finally, she arrived at her destination: the ice-covered planet on which the Palace is located. Here, Ena had to save something, but she met her enemies — herself. And her echoes learn everything she "shows", destroying them.

Portal Stories: Mel

If you haven’t played Portal, then ... go play Portal first! And for those who do not have such a glaring gap in education, I recommend installing Portal 2, and Portal Stories: Mel mod (of course, if you haven’t passed it a couple of years ago). Instead of the sterile ascetic labyrinths of the first "Portal", you will find yourself in a more familiar, though not as incomprehensible, scientific test complex. All with the same portal gun!


The theme of cubes / constructors will live forever. Remember how in your childhood you collected from ribbed materials and sticks ridiculous designs that in your fantasies were wonderful aircraft-ship-cars-starships? In Reassembly, almost the same thing: from various components - geometric primitives - you can assemble a star cruiser, battleship, a rocket carrier of your dreams and go to conquer the surrounding space. Space designer for the inveterate militarist.


The graphics of the game are very much for the amateur, but what did you want from indie, the budgets are not rubber here. Several people survived in the crash of a spacecraft, and now they are building their settlement, using the resources at hand. There is no specific goal, you just need to live, passing through the tragic and ridiculous events that fate throws up. Local fauna and unfriendly representatives of neighboring tribes will come to you with a strong desire to rob your cows. So it is necessary not only to wave a hoe and a hammer, but also to grumble out of a volyn, to carry the wounded, to treat the blues and infections.


2088, lunar base. Something bad happened, and you were sent to find out after the fact, and how. The times of fingerprinting are long gone, and even videotapes from surveillance cameras is a harsh old time story. The investigation is being conducted in greenhouse conditions: right on the premises of the station, you scroll through the AR records taken by former inhabitants. And trying to understand what happened here.


And finally, a bit of horror. There was a planetary catastrophe, and the main character was at the underwater scientific station, where everyone is dead. More precisely, the station was inhabited by mechanical monsters in the image of people. You can’t kill them, all you have to do is to hide, explore the station and collect some knowledge about what happened to the station, the Earth, and how to live.

The world of indie games is diverse, and for obvious reasons, the authors do not have too much money for advertising. So if you know some other interesting toys on the topic - write in the comments.


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