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In early October, Lenovo called journalists from all over the world to Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ThinkPad brand. The invitation was delighted: I have been using their laptops for 12 years now, and the main working laptop is the X1 Carbon.

The program of the event was divided into two parts: a demonstration of XXXXX (yes, X-X-X-X) and a laboratory tour.

Under the cut a lot of photos.

Part 1. Museum

Five years ago, I was in a laboratory in Beijing - Lenovo has many locations around the world, but it was in Yokohama (Yokohama, 15 km from Tokyo) where we were called, tested for durability of X1 Carbon and work - it seemed to me - old school engineers .

Started with the "light" - led to the museum.

The first ThinkPad was released in October 1992. In front of us is that very 700C model, as thick as an average potato. Price tag at the start of sales: $ 4,350. And this 25-year-old man reminds of modern ThinkPad models - even the trackpoint is in place!

The museum is full of interesting good. From what was remembered: a tiny ThinkPad 701C with a butterfly keyboard, a super-compact Palm Top PC110 and a royal ThinkPad in a gold-colored case — they said it was “special” and not for sale.

Noticed at the Macintosh Museum! IBM, it turns out, helped Apple with laptops.

Show the model 550BJ 1993 - the world's first laptop with built-in printer! The printing module was developed by experts from Canon.

To use the printer you need to raise the keyboard. They did not show how it works, but they say that the print quality is comparable to stationary printers, which were produced at that time - 360 dpi. If any of you have used this - tell us in the comments. Interesting!

From Transformers still like this model. King of the upgrade! Lift the keyboard (it snaps into place) - and change the hard or RAM. On Lenovo laptops, the hardware is packaged according to the principle of the Japanese Bento box.

And in 2007, another legendary Rollcages chip appeared - metal frames for structural strength.

I tried the “bento boxing” - at best, it is a snack. No borscht, no chops :) But the reliability of the layout and the "rigidity" of the casing of the ThinkPad notebooks have since become history.

After a snack, they took us to the lab to show what they are doing with the new X1 Carbon models before they go on sale.

Part 2. Laboratories

The new X1 Carbon models pass dozens of tests, but the most interesting are 12 tests according to military standards. Engineers said that no other company in the world is bothering so much with preparing laptops.

The first is vibration tests and shock resistance, i.e., vibration tests and falls from a small height in the bag. Test benches are like a friendly family of small hadron colliders.

The Japanese during a demonstration test dropped the laptop (and even in the bag) from such a height that it was funny to everyone. In this way, some office workers put their equipment on the table when they are in a hurry - and nothing, everything works.

In the next room it was more interesting, already in hardcore. On the first stand, the X1 Carbon was thrown from a height of one meter, on the second - the screen was bent.

There was still something like a bath and a healthy freezer for temperature effects - I did not have time to lift it - we drove to the next laboratory.

Next - acoustic rooms (check the noise level of coolers), a hefty refrigerator (laptops stand for several hours on end) and at the end of the excursion - an engineer with the most imperturbable facial expression - he checks laptops with static electricity.

Beating with the current on the keyboard was not so interesting, but directly to the metal - via the USB connector and then connecting the mouse - effectively.

At the end of the tour - a favorite test of engineers for strength. Thanks to the rigidity frame (the very Rollcages), on all X1 Carbon models, starting from the very first - released in 2012 - you can stand with your feet. But the permissible weight is not voiced and they are advised not to repeat at home.

In November 2017, the current generation of the X1 Carbon is the fifth. In the evening, after the laboratories, we were taken to a mini-birthday celebration of the ThinkPad, showed a commemorative model with a color label “ThinkPad 25”. Then they were taken to a small room where XXXXX stood. But that's what! Then they showed XXXXX, I habitually reached for the camera, but I was reminded of the signed paper - “no photos!”.

In short, the sixth generation X1 Carbon is in the process, and the rest will be told as soon as it is ready. But if it looks the same as shown - I am the first in the queue to buy!

Thanks for attention! There will be questions - I will be happy to answer in the comments.


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