China plans to create a space shuttle with a nuclear engine by 2040


China has a very ambitious space program. Here and the development of the moon with the extraction of helium-3 , and sending probes into deep space, and creating your own rover . In addition, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) plans to create its own nuclear-powered shuttle. True, not now, but only by 2040.

The plan began with the expansion of the Long March range of rockets that were used in the 1970s. Long March 8, a relatively inexpensive rocket, should be ready for use by 2020. China plans to offer its space capabilities to other states. Re-usable missiles will be manufactured by China by 2025.

Long March 9 - a new generation of Chinese missiles, which should see the light by 2030. This, according to representatives of the Chinese space program, is a heavy launch vehicle capable of bringing up to 100 tons of payload to the low orbit of the Earth. For comparison, Falcon Heavy can perform this task only with a load of 70 tons.

Well, in 2040, China plans to begin operating nuclear-powered missiles. Such systems, according to Chinese scientists, can be used for any purpose - from the development of the asteroid belt to visiting distant stars. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about the project.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the intentions of the Chinese: they have repeatedly shown that they are able to accomplish what they are planning. One example is the sending of the “jade hare” to the moon and the successful completion of the lunar mission. If the aerospace industry of the country had succeeded in fulfilling all the goals set, mankind would have advanced even more in the exploration of near-Earth space.


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