Coworking Classifier

Knowledge of the features, advantages and disadvantages of different coworking will help to make the right decision when choosing one or another option. So, consider the options that are available today.

1. Cafes, bars and other catering

A good option for those who are not pretentious to working conditions and are not looking for a permanent place to organize their work process. For example, in the first half of the day, fewer visitors to bars and cafes than in the evenings. During these hours, many owners arrange a separate area where you can work with a laptop, offer an inexpensive rate or make a deposit for food and drinks. The inevitable negative aspects include a non-working atmosphere, noise, music and not always comfortable furniture.

2. Antikafe

Restaurants with per minute or hourly rates, which provide quiet areas for freelancers. The idea is that the visitor pays for the actual time of stay and should not order food or drinks, as is customary in a cafe. The cost almost always includes tea, coffee, cookies or other sweets. Usually in such places rather simple decoration of rooms, you should not rely on modern style. During work it can be noisy, since the main audience is youth companies.

3. "Commuting"

The working space of a small area, made "for their own". As a rule, located in the basement, utility room or in the attic of an administrative building. Finishing is carried out on its own or "in the style of a loft." Unfortunately, today co-working in Russia seems to be exactly like this - a former warehouse with mediocre decoration and diversified cheap furniture. The regulars of such places are fashionable young people, aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as other sympathetic and saving. Prices here may be cheaper than the market, even though such places are located in the former industrial zones or what is worse - for TTR.

4. Mini offices

They are small cabinets with blank walls from 10 to 50 square meters. Similar to coworking, the cost includes services for maintenance and the Internet, but there are no common areas or additional services. The rental price is not high. Such offices are located in business centers of class B or C in illiquid areas. For owners, this is a good opportunity to monetize these areas. It is important to note that this option does not imply any community activity.

5. Serviced office

Good, well-finished premises in class A or B + business centers. It is possible to rent mini offices equipped with furniture. In some office centers, the service of renting a business lounge or workplaces on average to several tenants in one office is offered. The cost of serviced office is much more expensive than the market for similar office space. Expats and those who are not used to saving on comfort become tenants of such spaces.

6. Downshift office

Country or resort house, where among other things there is an office space for work. This option is suitable for those who know how to conduct business remotely and want to change the rhythm of a large metropolis to a measured resort mode. This format involves living in a hotel. In the daytime you can work, and in the evening you can relax in the company of like-minded people. Such opportunities are represented in Thailand, Bali, Europe and North America. In Russia, on the contrary, there are still few such places. The cost depends on the level of the building, but other things being equal it may be more profitable than renting an office and housing in Moscow.

7. Hybrid space

The classic form of coworking. It is possible to select individual work areas or combine them, depending on the needs. The most important feature is a high-end designer finish. There are open spaces where you can rent one or more fixed jobs. There are mini-offices or “boxes” for teams, kitchen areas, recreation areas with sofas or tables like in a cafe, which is suitable for freelancers. The most common are also meeting rooms, cafes, apartments or slip-boxes, a gym with a shower, and so on, depending on the fantasy of the co-working operator. The cost of the subscription includes all payments: Internet, electricity, cleaning, printing of documents and service at the reception. The price, taking into account all payments, can be cheaper than analog in a classic office center up to 30-50%. As a bonus, you can take part in events or get to know your neighbors and become part of the community.


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