Einstein. From 16 years to E = mc²

Our hero - Albert Einstein, the genius of physics, Marilyn Monroe and the inventor of the nuclear bomb, as well as many other things that are attributed to him.

In the last part, he was born, learned with varying success at school, dropped out of school and left Germany at the age of 16.

Today we will continue to study his life with the help of pictures and history, and the current milestone of the life of a genius - from 16 years to E = mc².

Let's get started!

It turned out that at the age of 16, Albert did not pass the exam and did not receive the Certificate of Maturity, but with all the maximalism inherent in his youth he thought that this would not interfere with his future life and career.

After moving to Italy, Albert decided to enter the Higher Technical School (Polytechnic) in Zurich and went to take exams in Switzerland.

So, at the age of 17, Albert Einstein received a Certificate of Maturity and entered the Zurich Polytechnic at the Faculty of Physics. Here he later became friends with Marcel Grossman and Michel Besso, and later met his future wife, Mileva Maric.

In the same year, Albert refused German Gradzhanstva, but due to the difficult financial condition of the family, the Swiss was able to get only five years later.

At about the same time, the enterprise of Herman Einstein and his brother went bankrupt and Albert's parents moved to Milan. Albert himself spent the next four years studying physics at the Polytechnic, and in 1900 he graduated with a degree in mathematics and physics.

And although Einstein had excellent teachers, and he and his abilities were highly appreciated by them, after passing the exams no one offered Albert assistance in continuing his scientific career.

As the genius recalled later:
I was bullied by my professors, who disliked me because of independence and closed my path to science.
A. Einstein

After graduation, Albert decided to tell his parents that he planned to marry Milev, but his parents, and especially his mother, were totally against it.

A year later, Einstein received Swiss citizenship, but this did not help the material situation. He was interrupted by temporary earnings and even managed to work as a teacher, but he did not find work related to his favorite physics.

On this, the black stripe in the life of a genius should have ended, but a steady income was never found, and Albert was still working on part-time jobs.

Soon Mileva became pregnant and, given the difficult financial situation, she decided to go to her parents and give birth there. Einstein never saw his first child.

In October 1902, he learned about his father's illness. Herman Einstein lived only a few days after his son arrived in Italy. After the tragic events finally came the white line in the life of Albert.

Shortly after the death of his father, Einstein was able to get a job at the design bureau, which was a great merit of Marseille, and his financial situation became more stable. Then he decided to resume relations with Mileva, and since his father was no longer alive, nothing prevented them from legalizing their relations, and on January 6, 1903, they got married.

And on May 14, 1904, their son was born - Hans Albert Einstein. Nothing else this year was significant, unlike the following.

1905 - “Year of Miracles”

It was in 1905 that the scientific revolution took place - this year the Annals of Physics magazine published three articles by Einstein, which later brought Albert fame.

And although their fellow physicists at first accepted Ainshein's theory coldly, even they could not hold their views for a long time about classical physics and the theory of ether.

In one of the articles Albert Einstein described his theory of relativity, and for another article he received the Nobel Prize in 1921.

Yes, it was in 1905 that the formula was first published:


Later, errors were found in it and they tried to disprove it, but it was Albert Einstein who 112 years ago proved that atoms exist, connected mass and energy, and most importantly, laid the foundations of the relativity on which modern physics is built.

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