Black Friday 2017 - what does she carry us?

It would seem that only recently we published a post about Black Friday 2016, and here it is again, Black Friday. This year there were far fewer posts about this socio-economic phenomenon, which is rather strange. Well, okay, the main thing is that this holiday of low prices will soon begin (with honest sellers), so we hope that our material will be useful for Geektimes.

Traditionally, we say that we are conducting a state of emergency honestly - you can compare prices in the cache of Google, Yandex, we are only for. We do reduce prices, not only by 10-20%, and sometimes even by 70%. This article is a collection of interesting products, the cost of which is reduced by tens of percent.

Discounts on offers are valid for the promotional code BFWEEK, more than 400 products with a special price can be found on the sale page .

Ugears Casket with a secret

Ugears company produces puzzles made of wood, which, when folded, turn into moving mechanisms. It can be a tractor, a train, or even a musical instrument. One of the puzzles is a box with a secret. The secret is hidden in the lid, and without a special key to open the box without damaging it, it is impossible.

The box of Ugears consists of two hundred different elements that must be properly connected. Neither glue nor any other means of joining materials are needed. The assembly of such a box will take approximately 2-3 hours and is suitable for anyone over 14 years old.

In honor of Black Friday, a discount on the casket is 40%.

Passport Cover ZAVTRA

Everyone has a passport, but no cover for him. Without it, the document, provided it is frequently worn, quickly takes on a worn look. We have developed and launched into production a passport cover made of genuine leather. This cover also serves as a place for storing rights, plastic cards and other not very large documents / trifles.

The cover is durable, comfortable and functional. It also has a 40% discount.

Business backpack XD Design Bobby Bizz

We already told about backpacks Bobby on Geektimes. Now came the turn of the novelty - the Bobby Biz backpack. This is a business backpack, which is designed for traveling not through the green, but through the stone jungles of big and not so big cities. This backpack is as well protected from pickpockets as its “relative”, but its design is different.

The main feature is that it can be worn instead of a business briefcase or bag, for which you can simply remove the straps. The zipper in the backpack is hidden, so getting to it, not knowing exactly where it is hidden, is very difficult, especially on the go.

The backpack is equipped with a metal frame for extra protection. Its creators retained the multi-layer material - only five layers. Business backpack XD Design Bobby Bizz is protected from water, shock and other troubles.

Discount on it - 30%. Yes, this is Black Friday.

Multitul-bracelet Leatherman Thread

This bracelet is not just a men's jewelry accessory, but also a functional set of tools. It includes 29 options, including keys, screwdrivers, a can opener, and even a cutting hook. The size of the bracelet can be adjusted by installing or removing links.

By default, it consists of 11 links that are securely interconnected. Each link of the Leatherman bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel. Among other tools there is even a tool for extracting a SIM card.

Bracelet discount from November 23 to November 30 - 25%.

Tonometer Qardio Arm

This is a smart tonometer , which with high accuracy determines the systolic and diastolic pressure. In addition, the device measures the heart rate. The device is positioned as a system for periodic use throughout the day. The information received by the gadget is transmitted wirelessly to the application, where all indicators are processed and visualized.

If desired, the data can be sent to your doctor, family members or friends. At Geektimes we already did a detailed review of this device. It is miniature and practical, there are no problems with its use.

Discount in honor of Black Friday - 25%.

Ubtech Jimu Tankbot

The robot designer is somewhat reminiscent of the "Valley". The purpose of the designer is to teach children robotics, the beginnings of programming and electronics. A robot can not only be assembled, but also programmed by adding new movements or actions.

The positive thing is that the child does not need tools or additional parts during the assembly process. The kit includes 6 servomotors, 190 units, an infrared sensor and a Bluetooth module for synchronization with a smartphone. Management is made from a mobile device.

Oh yes, the discount on Ubtech Jimu Tankbot is 20%.

Backpack XD Design Bobby

We have written more than once about this engineering miracle. And indeed, the backpack is good for everyone. It can be used during short-term attacks on nature, but it is best suited for urban conditions.

Bobby is quite roomy, it has enough space and a laptop, and phone, documents, and even sportswear. To protect the contents from external factors, be it a pickpocket, rain, or spilled coffee, someone can use the special design and material of the backpack.

By the way, almost all Madrobots employees have a backpack, its reliability was checked by us repeatedly.

Special discount in honor of Black Friday - 25% (promotional code is not required).

Smart scales Picooc Mini

These smart scales determine a person's weight in three seconds. In addition, they can also determine the body mass index, the percentage of water and a number of other biometric parameters, a total of 12 indicators. Scales are equipped with a wireless module that allows the device to exchange information with a smartphone. The application stores the measurement history, this information can be obtained at any time, there is an opportunity to look at the analytics for all indicators and get tips and recommendations (in Russian, the application is Russified) on the correct weight loss.

Scales can be used by the whole family - they remember an unlimited number of users. Discount on Picooc Mini - 35%, the total cost is less than 2 000 rubles!

But this is not all yet - we have prepared a special rally for those who make a purchase during Black Friday (and does not even make it, but likes to participate in the rally).
It's simple - during the sale period, a unique opportunity opens up to purchase 1 of 2 gadgets for the price that you install yourself (up to 1 ruble!): IPhone X 64 Gb or Nintendo Switch + game console Mario Odyssey. Each Like or Cher reduces the original cost by 5 rubles. The most active participants themselves set the price of the device.
You can participate in the price reduction, you can not participate, you decide. Last year, this way we played 4 PlayStation 4 Slim consoles for 1 ruble and one virtual reality helmet HTC Vive, and all this is live.

All honest - more details about the conditions of participation and participation can be found on the sale page .


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