Wired headphones to charge: Aftershokz Sportz Titanium

It would seem a paradox: wired headphones with a battery. But really, to provide decent sound, wired headphones based on bone conduction need extra power.

When we deal with passive bone conduction, which are consumer devices in 100% of cases, the sound is not so familiar. Where the sound quality is not critical: in medicine, it suffices to hear and understand what you are told; under the water - it is enough to hear and understand what they say to you; driving is enough to hear and understand what you are told; audiobooks, serials, it is enough to hear and understand what they say.

However, there are some cases where the sound quality is completely at odds, even if it sounds like “against the background”, you don't want to close your eyes . You can find out how a loudspeaker with bone conduction sounds without additional power: take a piezo-plate, attach wires to it and attach it to the temporal bone.

You will hear everything quite satisfactorily, but for music the option is not the most suitable. Bone-conduction headphones are also not a standard for classic sound, but Aftershokz Sportz pays enough attention to sound so that it is “on par”. There is no distortion in them, nothing extra is heard.

Of course, the audible range of frequencies they will be inferior to the flagship headsets. The lower threshold, where they are heard (despite the fact that low frequencies pass through the bone better) is 45-50 Hz, and from above they fall silent somewhere on 16000.

The convenience of these particular headphones is in shape. It was greatly facilitated by the headband design, and they are virtually imperceptible on the head. Affected by the fact that the battery carried on the wire.

And the wire is no longer burdened with any control buttons. The only thing that is still present in the design is a clothespin for attaching to clothes, since the wire gives enough freedom to the user: up to a battery of 120 cm, to Jack - 135.

The youngest model is just headphones, without a microphone, and this slightly limits use, but the Sportz Titanium is still an excellent choice for the city, for sports, for comfortable use at home. And even in the office!

In the new versions of headphones, there is LeakSlayer technology, which compensates for sound leakage from the case. Previously, the sound was fine around the district at almost any volume, but now from the additional holes on the edges of the speakers Aftershokz gives an antiphase, which significantly removes the external sound.

If you set the volume to a comfortable amount, about half on a smartphone, then the sound for others will be slightly different. Of course, the problem is not solved for good, as they say - Aftershokz Sportz comes with open-type speakers. But slightly stronger than regular open headphones.

Sportz Titanium


Of course, the sound is different, the leak is at a different level, but it is both there and there, as it is called. Given that Marshall - not really "lining".

The dynamics of this model are round.

For a more tight fit, a slightly protruding part is provided here, but again the sound “does not accumulate” inside, but quietly comes out through the perforated pad. Included with these headphones is a charging cable, microUSB, and a special case in which they fit perfectly.

The charging connector is on the part with the battery, from the "end".

The battery life of the model Aftershokz Sportz is up to 12 hours of continuous sound.

A short summary of this model:

  • Build at a decent level. Incredibly comfortable "fit" on the head due to any additional elements and flexible body: the size goes universal, and the headphones do not press on the bone.
  • The sound is due to the fact that the speaker is supplied with current from an additional battery, worthy. Slightly inferior to more advanced models in frequency response, but there is no distortion in the transmission.
  • Somewhat "lame" control, since the wired part has only a button for turning on and off the headphones: you will have to control it from a smartphone or other device used.
  • The sound leakage compensation parameters have been improved: at least they appeared, and so far not all headphones based on this technology have appeared.

The youngest model is also the cheapest: the cost of Aftershokz Sportz Titanium wired headphones is 3490 rubles . For those who are interested in purchasing this version, we are pleased to offer a coupon for a discount of 1000 rubles - E2R2F2D . It will be valid if paid online until November 22.

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