Annihilate Black Friday

We read here in the comments that you do not want posts about “Black Friday”, they say, tired of the countless stories of its appearance and the facts about this day. U.S. too! Moreover, firstly, on Black Friday, Chinese retail barely manages to catch his breath from 11.11, and secondly, we regard Black Friday as a reason to give discounts to those who are yawning and did not have time to order gifts ... for the New Year. Therefore, today we will tell you what is in store for you, and at the same time we will reveal a few tricks of online stores that force you to buy a lot, often and at any time. Inside, discounts and a bit of banality - inside.

Tricks of online stores

You can lure customers in different ways, you can play with him, and you can cheat, you can be friends, and you can lose. But the best way is to just inform. For example, every time we are not lazy to create bright and informative landing pages for the English version of the site and for the Russian version . These pages are the main headquarters and sales, and flash sales, and other activities and gifts.

Prepare gifts in the summer of November

Speaking of New Year's gifts , we will start with banalities. Whatever we choose and no matter how sophisticated, our children (and parents!) Want to get a smartphone or a tablet as a gift, and better both, and more, without bread. And it’s not at all necessary for a child or mother to watch a video, like baking a pie and plant a tomato, to have something branded when there are proven Chinese manufacturers with cute and affordable options.

For example, a tablet from a popular brand that was once engaged in the manufacture of components for a large market share of tablets - Tclast Master T8 . This tablet runs Android 7.0, has a powerful MTK8176 Hexa Core processor, 8.4-inch display, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB (256 GB card expansion) of internal memory. The device is distinguished by a camera - a front 13 megapixel and the main 8 megapixel with a flash. This is a very reasonable decision - after all, using a tablet, we often talk on Skype than take pictures, which means that the front camera should be more functional. The battery is very good - 5400 mAh. The tablet is protected by a durable aluminum alloy back cover. If it is important to someone, please note that the tablet works in Wi-Fi networks and does not support SIM cards.

But a more convenient option is the 10.1-inch tablet VOYO i8 Plus 4G Phablet . Unlike the previous one, it works with a SIM card in 4G networks, which means it unties you from Wi-Fi and can be a means of communication, a navigator, and a card. But in general, the characteristics are more modest: 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of built-in, 3 megapixel front camera, main 12 megapixel, 5000 mAh battery. But the price is only $ 183.72 - a great option for a first tablet for a teenager, on the road, for a student, etc.

Of interesting smartphones (except Xiaomi, which came under a large assortment), there is an interesting HOMTOM S9 Plus 4G that has already been tested by our customers for $ 179.99. Smartphone with 5.99 'display looks quite nice and "adult" in the hand. The 8-core processor copes with any problems with a bang, the 4050 mAh battery is responsible for the durability of this bright and truly high-quality screen. The front camera of 13 megapixel will please fans of selfies, and the main one, like in the best houses of London, is double: 16 megapixel + 5 megapixel. This means that the pictures will be worthy of such a screen. This smartphone can be addressed to both a teenager, and a business dad, and a working mom (especially beautiful is blue - it stands out among the black and space-gray rectangles).

Well, in our opinion, the most versatile gift from 7 to 107 years old is the rebirth of the legendary unkillable MiBand Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 . He is much more elegant than his grandfather, holds a charge for up to 60 days, is waterproof and still removes and fixes steps, calories, distance, informs about calls and messages. And it's very cool that Xiaomi released virtually the same MiBand, but in a case that you are not ashamed to wear a business suit and that does not look like a bracelet from a nightclub or hotel. Although, I must say, a simple black silicone strap has become a peculiar sign of people who monitor their health (well, or those who even tried).

In one of our old articles, we wrote that we are waiting for a drone from Xiaomi. And then it was just an assumption that quickly transformed into a real gadget - the drone XIAOMI Mi. This quadcopter with 3 axes of stabilization, able to shoot video in 4K. The maximum range of control - 3 km, height - 800 m, can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone. For the drone, you can customize the trajectory and route of flight, he knows how to fly around objects in a circle. Battery 5100 mAh provides 27 minutes of flight. The quadcopter weighs 2.4 kg, is quite compact and transportable. On sale, it will cost you only $ 500.33. The price, in principle, is not high, if you remember, with which device you need to compare it :-) And it’s really closer to the top phantom flyers than to the mass market.

And again, preparing for your review, we used Yandex. Advisor, who says that we are cheaper. Checked - not flattered.

Most headphones of this type are positioned as gaming, but we have already found another use for this EACH G2000 model . This is a rather “deaf”, perfectly fitting headphones with a microphone and noise cancellation. That is why these are ideal headphones for office work in a noisy openspace or among colleagues who are constantly trying to get something for an endless cup of tea. Yes, and they are not bad for music - of course, avid audiophiles will be unhappy, but for omnivorous audiophiles who like to listen to rock at full volume, this is a good option. For $ 15.99 such headphones can be presented for the New Year by both the programmer, who transfers the office life, and the young (or over-age) gamer.

Well, if someone from home or friends poses as a video blogger, then give him (her) a studio microphone . It easily connects to a computer, produces a clear sound with good noise reduction, and is also suitable for recording video clips (including business), and for communication, and for voice acting amateur video.

New Year is always a special light. Residents of all countries of the world especially try to illuminate houses, courtyards and streets, turn on millions of garlands, light bulbs, candles and even authentic oil lamps, giving an incomparable warm and soft light. Of course, we will not sell you an oil lamp, but please, please use the Xiaomi Yeelight 220V E27 light bulb. This is a 4000K, 600 Lm smart lamp, which is screwed into a conventional cartridge, controlled from any smartphone and lives for 11 years. That is, IoT in 2028 is already being transformed into some other technology, and the lamp will continue to shine in your home. Even scary to imagine this future. By the way, the lamp is friendly with the IoT protocols and is easily integrated into the smart home system. But this light bulb is generally our favorite, it gives out light and color that can be customized to your mood. With Russian short daylight hours - just a must have and almost an antidepressant.

Continuing the theme of holiday lighting, we found a reason to please the little leaders of the Redskins, who are waiting for the New Year many times stronger than you and I put together. For them, you can decorate the house with luminous techno-figures, like this one . The device absolutely does not beat in the eyes, it shines softly and pleasantly. The figure is small, only 20 cm, so you can pick up several options. There is a bear , an owl , Master Yoda , a dolphin , etc. Even Cthulhu was seen.

Instead of the usual garland with light bulbs, you can use Xiaomi LED garland - it shines brighter, it has more colors and is controlled from the phone. And most importantly, it consumes less energy and is not heated.

But this product definitely has nothing to do with geeks or the New Year, but we could not pass by (like hundreds of customers) - it’s just, forgive me, mimi some. This panda participating in the flashsail will be a good talisman for the child at school, for the student, and for the adult in the office. And on an ordinary date, such a surprise will only improve the atmosphere. The toy runs on a battery, made of eco-friendly and very durable PVC, and it can be given to children who have already ceased to pull everything into the mouth (this happened to us at about 4 years). The animal can kiss, react to your actions and, of course, sleep.

By the way, do you know how much effort China put in to restore the panda population? The Chinese do not even sell young pandas, but rent them to zoos of the world, and at a certain age they take them back to provide them with the right care for a long healthy life. However, some pandas even need translators - they need to master the commands and words in a new language.

A little more than a month is left before the New Year and it's time to gather a list of desires, take the letters to Santa Claus from the younger ones and take on the duties of wizards. It's time to make family and friends happy, drink mulled wine and eat Olivier, go ice-skating and watch “The Magicians” on the sofa with a bowl of tangerines just around the corner. Who if not us?

As always, we give all the links a bunch, if in the text you have lost something or missed:

Sales Schedule:
Black Friday in Gearbest will start on November 20 and will be held in 2 stages for the whole 10 days:

  1. warm-up lap - from 11/20 (05:00 Moscow time) to 11/23 (12:00 Moscow time)
  2. The main arrival is from 23.11 (12:00 Moscow time) until 27.11 (12:00 Moscow time).


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