“Recall All”: Mobile Planner for REDMOND Smart Technology

The REDMOND company is known to Geektimes readers primarily for its line of REDMOND Smart Home smart appliances. The very one that, if desired, can be controlled from a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Depending on the device, from time to time, users are offered updated functionality of the Ready For Sky application for controlling appliances. For example, the REDMOND SkyKettle G200S kettle learned to pulsate to the beat of any music in the room with it. At this time, announced a global innovation, which will be useful regardless of which model of the REDMOND Smart Home series you own. So, get acquainted - the option SkyManager, which, in the opinion of REDMOND, “will help free the head from routine affairs”.

Although it would be more correct to say - it will help you not to forget about the performance of certain tasks.

SkyManager - item that settled in the pop-up menu on the left of the application Ready For Sky. Innovation is an electronic scheduler that allows you to quickly add tasks - for example, not to forget to attend a fitness class, pay a loan, pick up relatives from the airport by car.

The idea of ​​development came not from scratch, to start REDMOND conducted a survey among users. As it turned out, most of all, the users lack the ready-made templates in the planners; you have to prescribe everything manually. What, of course, no one wants to do - it is unlikely you will like to thoughtfully “karyat” on the smartphone a list of all the cases with a detailed description. The result - either we try to keep everything in our head, or we restrict ourselves to short, insignificant notes.

The need for users in the task templates and formed the basis of SkyManager. The developers have done an impressive job, as the full list of task templates has 500 units. Navigating such a huge list is still a pleasure. Therefore, for convenience, the options are divided into 60 thematic groups such as "Sport", "housing and communal services" or "Children." Total for a couple of minutes, you can plan a day or make monthly tasks. Plus, of course, you can add your own new groups and tasks. There are really a lot of tasks, from recalling an important meeting, training a child or replenishing a bank card to reading the electricity meter.

Everything is very simple - for each task such items are available as date / time of completion, repeated reminder and adding notes manually. In the future, tasks are displayed in a “calendar” list - you can see what and when you have to do it.

It is also important that the tasks made are not deleted, but are saved in the archive. Why? For example, this way you can remember at any time when you performed a fluorography examination or visited a dentist. You just need to go to the category "Health" - and you will find the necessary information with dates.

I think now the reader will not have a question about why the REDMOND scheduler is needed if there are dozens of seemingly similar applications on iOS and Android.

I note that in any case I use the REDMOND smart kettle and air humidifier at home. So, the Ready For Sky application was permanently “registered” in my smartphone. To try a planner that is unobtrusively offered to me in the program - actually, and why would it be yes? So, if you have a REDMOND Smart Home device at home, do not forget to look at the SkyManager item in the pop-up menu on the Ready For Sky main screen.

PS While REDMOND is preparing an update for release, I suggest to discuss in the comments which mobile planners do you prefer to use?

PPS REDMOND is currently developing a voice-assisted R4S speaker in the form of a column to remind you of all sorts of tasks. Of course, such a gadget is hardly useful to young people, but for older people to remind them of the need to take medicine, take their grandson out of the kindergarten, pay for the “fat” - the very thing.

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