Battery Surface Book 2 is discharged during the game, even when working with a regular power supply

Microsoft's 15-inch Surface Book 2 is all good. This is a productive and lightweight laptop that can easily cope with the most "heavy" applications, including games. But it is the games that cause one problem of this device - during the game the laptop battery is rather quickly discharged. This is true even for the situation when the system is connected to the power supply network using a standard adapter. True, only if you configure Surface Book 2 for maximum performance.

“Surface Book 2 was created in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding on the performance of computer systems users. It is ideal for designers, developers, and engineers, ”a Microsoft spokesman said, giving a comment on the battery discharge situation. “Surface Book 2 can be configured for maximum performance. In some cases, this leads to the discharge of the battery during the operation of productive and resource-intensive applications. However, if the laptop is plugged in, the battery will never fully drain. ”

The rate of discharge depends on which application is running, which screen resolution is set and how much the game or application loads the video card. Now enthusiasts check the relevance of the problem in different modes of operation of the device. Usually, the maximum settings are needed for the game, so those users who do not launch game titles that are too resource-intensive will not encounter this problem.

And she herself is caused by the fact that the laptop consumes more than stated. Judging by the characteristics, the power consumption of the system is 95 watts. But if the settings are set to maximum, the processor consumes 25-35 watts, the Nvidia GTX 1060 is 70-80 watts, which in total gives up to 105 watts of power consumption at the peak. Now the corporation is trying to fix the problem programmatically, changing the performance settings while running applications.

Surface Book 2 15 '' features:

All this leads to the fact that the games stop working normally. Some titles show instead of 60 - 30 fps, which makes it impossible to play normally. Other games, including Destiny 2, feel quite normal in this mode. In fairness it is worth noting that the discharge of the battery is not too fast. Thus, in an hour of play, provided the laptop is connected to the electrical network, the battery is discharged by about 10%. As mentioned above, it all depends on the game itself and the settings.

Anyway, it is clear that this laptop was not intended as a gaming system. Yes, the device can run productive games, but, as we see, the game does not always work out. In principle, an undemanding gamer can reduce the settings in the game, and be content with slightly degraded graphics or a lower frame rate. But after all, some users will definitely want to play at the maximum settings. And in this case they will face a problem.

Developers from Microsoft claim that the Surface Book 2 with maximum performance is twice as productive as a MacBook Pro with a similar screen diagonal (15 inches) and five times more powerful than the original Surface Book.

Systems of this type is an expensive pleasure. For a 15-inch model with the above characteristics, you will have to pay $ 2,499. It is clear that the buyers of such expensive gadgets are unhappy with the current situation and require Microsoft to solve the problem as soon as possible.

It is difficult to say why laptops, which were positioned as premium ones, are not without “children's problems”. After all, even on an advertising video posted in this post, the launch of the game is demonstrated on the Microsoft system. Was the problem so deeply hidden that it began to manifest itself only now? It's hard to say, but apparently, Microsoft will have to better test future systems.


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