Black Friday: where to learn English at a discount

Today is the time to buy subscriptions and subscriptions for the year ahead. We have collected for you a list of sites for learning English, which present today steep discounts on their services.

1. Puzzle English

We decided to do everything on hardcore: all courses and annual subscriptions at one price - 690 rubles (each day the price will rise to 100 rubles: on Saturday, all at 790, on Sunday - at 890). You can buy yourself and give to friends.

The subscription includes unlimited training in sections:

- Grammar - lessons in grammar and vocabulary of English with exercises on the topic,
- Video puzzles - assembling sentences for hearing on YouTube videos, excerpts from films and clips,
- Audio puzzles are the same, but without video, only the voice of the announcer,
- Translayta - written translation from Russian to English.

Other subscriptions: Training words (personal dictionary), Personal plan, which is generated individually for the needs of the user, as well as courses Tichera Method and Puzzle Academy.

2. EnglishDom

Online workouts and classes on Skype. Today they donate a free test drive of English via Skype and a 40% discount on the first payment.

Individual lessons, teachers - native speakers, digital SMART platform and group conversational clubs. The modern system “Inverted Class” is used - an independent introduction to theory and practice with the teacher.

3. LinguaLeo

Today they sell the annual Premium with a 50% discount. It includes 22 basic grammar courses, 9 fascinating video courses, 5 Premium-training for the study of words and an unlimited number of words in the study.

Premium cost including discount - 845 rubles. When buying a year, they give an IELTS Academic simulator as a gift.

4. Ororo TV

Today, and another 2 days when you purchase a subscription, its duration is doubled. The service offers to learn English on TV shows and video blogs from Youtube using double subtitles. Annual subscription is 1399 rubles.

But there are no more TV shows and films there, unfortunately.

5. Alibra School

The network of offline schools to learn English, but there is a distance learning. Give up to 50% discounts on different courses in English. The promotion takes place only today.

Remotely taught by a teacher and a manager helps with organizational issues, there are many online exercises.

Offline there are many different group courses, divided by level, goals, and age of students.


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