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A year ago, we did a detailed review of Bobby - the debut of the "anti-vandal" backpack from the company XD Design, which a year later has not lost its relevance. Moreover, all this year the backpack was used daily by us and there is simply nothing to add to that review: nothing bad happened to anyone with a backpack, he practically didn’t lose the original look (didn’t get dirty or torn), some tangible minuses didn’t surface. This is the product that we recommend with a clear conscience. And today we decided to review the new backpack from XD Design - anti-vandal Bobby Bizz.

Caution: going under the cut (or the link above) will cause retarget banners to haunt you even in dark alleys. And even after you become the happy owner of this backpack :)

Oookey. Once you deliberately went under the cat, then to aggravate the situation, we still recommend that you first read the review of the original backpack on the link above - so that this article does not repeat the problem that Bobby solves, about his successful crowdfunding campaign, name history, lightning YKK and others nuances relevant to the hero of this review.

The colossal success of the first model could not help but give rise to the appearance of new modifications of the backpack - if XD Design had not done this, it would have been a fiasco. The company very quickly realized that it was necessary to develop the model range, so after a couple of months the Bobby Compact was born - a slightly reduced remix of the original backpack, which we also talked about in our blog. But both of these models are more youthful, while the problem of pocket theft in public places is also relevant for other ages / classes. Therefore, the company soon announced the emergence of a new, “business” model, which, among other things, would not be a shame to get at the negotiations.

It is quite possible that the appearance of a model for children, which will be called, for example, Bobby Kidzz, is just around the corner - it should be compact, colorful, and instead of a macbook, there will be a tablet, sandwiches and textbooks inside. And maybe even a GPS tracker to track the location of the child, but for now this is all just our imagination for the introductory part of the article :)

So. Bobby Bizz - already the name alone shouts that this backpack wants in the business segment. From this word, surely, many in their head will have an image of a business uncle in a jacket, who at the exit from Moscow-city is met by a personal driver and escorts to the S-class - he sits in the backseat, turns on a massage of the buns, dials a new partner Kommersant issue. And surely there is a grin from the fact that such and such a person would certainly not have bought himself a backpack with a kickstarter. But let's be realistic: even such uncles need something to carry laptops and documents, while not everyone wants to spend tens of thousands on branded solutions, because you can emphasize the status with many other accessories. Therefore, the business version of the backpack has the right to life, and let everyone decide for herself or something else.


If you don’t see any relative for many years, then at the meeting he will surely say “Oh, matured somehow!” - approximately the same thoughts appear when you look at Bizz in comparison with the original Bobby. Not that Bobby looks like a juvenile kid, but it’s still clear that he is younger. Bizz is more businesslike, it will be easier for him to leak through the dress code barrier - and this is despite the fact that it is just another incarnation of the original "youth" backpack. Anyway, “matured as!”: There are other materials (slightly better), a different form factor, a slightly different purpose and a target audience. He became more strict, more slender.

At the base of the backpack is a metal frame that forms an almost rectangular niche and protects its contents from physical impacts. Along the perimeter, this frame is covered with a dense fabric, and almost the entire front side is covered with a material similar to leather (but not leather). It also has a reflective strip and logo - it looks pretty minimalist and neat. The design has moisture-proof properties.

Nightmare perfectionist :)

To transport a backpack in hand, on one side there is a quality and pleasant to the touch handle, on top and bottom on which material is sewn like a smooth soft-touch.

Next to the handle behind the zipper is a quick access compartment, in which the space is divided into 3 parts - one large and two small ones. In the large compartment there is a wire with a USB port (at 2.4A), so it’s most logical to throw a powerbank in there to charge the gadgets - the bank from Xiaomi got 20000 mAh like a native one. You can put keys and small items such as pills, chewing gum, lighters and so on in small compartments.

There is another handle that is behind the sticky tape in the “system” back pocket - you can get it to carry the backpack in your hand in a “portrait” orientation, and not in a “landscape” one.

In the same pocket are straps, thanks to which hand luggage turns ... turns ... into an elegant backpack that can be put on shoulders behind your back, sit on a bicycle and go into the sunset.

The straps are the same as those of Bobby - the same material, the same lining, the same flat compartments for the cards (by the way, quite comfortable - for the year not a single card fell out). Unless the accessories have become better - no need to tighten, as in the first model (by the way, the manufacturer acknowledged this bug and the new parties of Bobby already come with normal accessories).

The straps cling to small loops on the backpack due to metal carbines. One of them is a mechanical combination lock - it can be threaded through an eyelet, a strap and two "dogs" with a zipper of the main compartment - then without a grinder without a code it will be more difficult to get into the main compartment.

By the way, inside one of the straps passes a metal wire (44 cm long and 2 mm thick), one end of which in the form of an eyelet comes out of a rubberized hole. It is proposed to pass a carbine through it, so that you can attach the backpack to some bench or table leg in a cafe. Yes, the 2-millimeter wire is, of course, not very serious even sounds (and in fact snacks on any wire cutters, like most bicycle cables), but ... it's better than nothing, right?

It’s not very common to attach a backpack in this way, but to constantly carry a finger-thick cable in one of the straps would be inconvenient. So this is more of a fool proof.

The back of the backpack is made of soft fabric, under which are foam inserts. In the same place - a fabric sling, thanks to which the backpack is conveniently mounted on the sliding handle of the suitcase.

As in the first version, all the lightning bolts at Bobby Bizz were made by YKK - there were no problems with Bobby, so it is hoped that there will not be any here.

Now is the time to open the main zipper and find out what has changed on the other side of the metal frame.

Beware of fakes!

Colleagues probably approached the owners of the first model of the Bobby backpack and said something in the spirit of “I saw such a backpack for 2000 rubles”, as if hinting that the owner had overpaid. It is easy to guess that in this case we are talking about a fake - there are many comparisons in the network and they are all in favor of the original.

You can check the authenticity of the Bobby backpack when you buy it as follows: there will be a tag with a scratch area on it - erase it, enter the code that appears on the manufacturer's website and find out the result.


Like Bobby, the Bizz backpack has three opening levels: 30 ° - for quick access (when the zipper is just a little open); 90 ° - for convenient laying of things (zipper, special “membrane” with velcro and rivet completely unbuttoned) and 180 ° - for the most convenient packing of things or quick inspection, for example, at the airport.

With a 180-degree disclosure, the backpack looks more like a suitcase in which you want to fold your clothes and take them off on vacation. But a lot of clothes in Bizz will not fit, alas. On the side adjacent to the back there are three compartments: the first two (under the laptop and under the documents) are closed with a strap with velcro, the third - just a compartment with a zipper (for example, for documents from the car).

As for the laptop. With a bang, you can shove an old 17-inch “plug” (but not a gaming Acer / ASUS / Lenovo), and since there are almost no such, you will have to shove less laptops - 13 ”and 15” fit here in the best possible way.

The section for documents is deeper than that of the original Bobby (where it is more designed for a tablet) - a couple of product catalogs, all kinds of powers of attorney and other transfer and acceptance certificates will fit. Nothing is remembered and will not scatter.

On the opposite side of the backpack also replayed the location of the compartments. There are three of them, too, and one of them is also with a zipper - it is most suitable for dairy Ritter Sport with almonds. The other two compartments, judging by the icons, are designed for a smartphone and a mouse - well, as an option. The fabric is quite elastic, so a big mouse and a mirror will fit in there.

A rubber mount for the handle is sewn above the smartphone compartment (Parker pens are best to hold), and a small carabiner for keys appears above the mouse compartment. The fact of the appearance of adaptive keys can not but rejoice (in Bobby there was no such business function), but in reality a lot depends on the size of the keys - too long can scratch a mouse (well, or mirrorless, who have something), and too short can touch sticking a piece of laptop opposite.

Well, some more things will fit in the space between the compartments - for example, a book or a small thermos, as in the promotional picture:

In everyday life

In this section, I would like to mention only a few nuances that emerged within a few weeks of use.

The backpack is really comfortable in everyday use. And in the format of a backpack on his back, and in the format of a portfolio in his hands. Is that the transformation process from one form factor to another in reality does not occur as quickly as in the promotional video: while you unbutton the compartment with the straps, until you get them and straighten it, while you attach the carbines to the small loops and lightning dogs, while you fasten ... The first time this process takes a little more than a minute, after a week - 30 seconds. But still it is not very convenient to do it “on the fly” or on weight, but on the bench or on the table / chair - that’s what it is.

The belts of Bobby and Bizz seem to be the same, but on the first they look somehow more impressive and more massive, while on the business version they look somewhat thin :) But this is very subjective and noticeable only when comparing live.

But Bizz is more comfortable lying on your feet, if you are going somewhere (in the subway or S-class) - it is simply put on your feet as a stand (and you can sign pieces of paper on it), while the original Bobby is more convenient to lay on your feet, and cuddle to yourself.

Another small nuance. One of the shortcomings of the first installments of the original Bobby backpack was that sometimes it “did not hold the shape” - it had a slightly sagging upper part of the fabric, and the rubberized bottom was wrinkled around the edges. The company quickly corrected this and the new versions of the backpack were deprived of this shortcoming (as well as problems with the lifting of the straps). Bobby Bizz has no such problems initially - the hidden metal frame is a kind of skeleton on which everything else is strung.


Thanks to XD Design, for making a new Bobby Bizz backpack a price that is affordable not only to S-Class owners, but to everyone who appreciates comfort, convenience and safety. Thanks to this, even those who wear a jacket a couple of times a week instead of t-shirts and hoodies can use the novelty; those who travel (by taxi or subway) to meetings, students, teachers ... and, actually, everyone else - in fact, this backpack is just as casual as the original Bobby, which has proven itself so well. It is especially nice that the killer feature of the first model was not removed, but on the contrary, they added new ones - the feeling that the “safe” backpack is behind did not disappear and even grew up a little :) And with it the price grew as well - the business version on 2000 more expensive than usual.

Now the company has three backpacks in its arsenal - if you also do not know which one to choose, then perhaps this sign will help you:


Bobby compact

Bobby bizz

Dimensions, cm
44 × 34 × 20
40 × 29 × 14
44.5 × 31 × 10
Volume inside, l
⬝ Vandal resistant fabric
⬝ Hidden zipper
⬝ Vandal resistant fabric
⬝ Hidden zipper
⬝ Vandal resistant fabric
⬝ Hidden zipper
⬝ carabiner with code
Laptop size
15.6 ''
15.6 ''
3 colors to choose from:

5 colors to choose from:

So far only black
Price, p

We are waiting for traditional comments on which backpack is much better than Bobby and why :)

Thanks for attention!

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