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I read the article “What kind of sport to choose, or how to enter IT and stay healthy” and thought to myself if I did not write a post, but about my experience? I am writing here.

The editor asked me to insert a picture :)

There was a time when I weighed about 110kg (now 88-90 with growth of 185) and in a panic I watched as a fat man, at the same time living with the thought “yes, I don't care,” at least some kind of psychological defense from a rather traumatic state of the body. In addition, the general condition was so-so, rubbish in the head, stress, endless and continuous breakdown. When I lost weight later, I realized what a huge difference between going to an ordinary store in a fat man and a normal weighing person! Fat men have to do a lot of physical work all day long - to walk.

So it was for many years, it came to the point that I began to look for a way out in a panic when my teeth began to deteriorate, despite the fact that I cleaned them twice a day and bought dental floss in a pharmacy from a shop window, since in Russia it is not popular . Ideally, white teeth, as in advertising when checked by a dentist, turned out to be empty inside. Yes, it happens to my horror, radical caries is completely invisible from the side.

In those days, I sat at the computer as much as now, namely around the clock :) As it turned out later, it was not a sedentary lifestyle, but stress, tremendous internal stress.

I went to the gym, it helped, but it was enough for two weeks. The effect quickly ended, I temporarily did get a little better, although it was wildly embarrassing to go so thick to the gym and not be able to do anything. Obviously not a very motivating circumstance, and it is so hard, and it is also embarrassing constantly, and you don’t know how to use all these pieces of iron. This “better” stayed for exactly two weeks, then the effect passed and after two more days I scored on classes, I can’t do that which doesn’t bring joy for more than two weeks, or rather, at that time I couldn’t, because the sources of this “joy” didn’t it was nowhere.

Then there was the bike, I liked it. I rode quite a lot, but the city was not adapted for this, and I gradually gave up breathing dust with the risk of being shot down.

Then there was a run, but it didn’t work at all. First, again, it is embarrassing for such a carcass to run, and it is not customary to “run” in Russia, they are often looked at as a psycho, as it seemed to me. But besides this, from running I felt elementary bad, very bad, dizzy and stuff, absolutely not good.

In a panic, I went to the first hike in the mountains. Just stumbled upon an ad at the university where he worked. It was the easiest rafting of a log on a river. I really liked him and I went (fool) to a serious campaign with a paratrooper and an athlete whom I met after this easiest campaign. In the second campaign, I thought I would die. If the fat decomposes too quickly, acetone is released and they literally smelled of me ... or else the devil knows what. I walked 110km of the route, dragging a poorly assembled backpack with unnecessary stuff (as I know it now) on myself. And the main thing that I was afraid of (I do not know why) could not stand it.

I climbed literally from all crevices, I erased the skin on my belt and shoulders to bloody stains. Sleeping with me in the same tent was a punishment. But I survived. Returning to the city, I realized that there was simply no better thing for all of my life. I don’t know how I felt it, I was happy, full of energy, it became much clearer to think and I felt just fine :)

He lost 15 kg in 10 days. It was wildly difficult, but then I went on trekking trips (without mountaineering), every year for seven years, probably, or more often once a year, in winter too. I learned to walk correctly, collect backpacks, set up tents and much more. I got acquainted with simply wonderful people and visited the most beautiful places. It was just great and will stay with me forever, although maybe I will get together sometime now, since now I can just get together and go myself, even took the group on my last hike. On Shumak.

Each hike gives a charge for many months, cleans the brain, maintains physical fitness for a long time and lasts only a dozen days. Going once a year to a great hike is an excellent thing, the main thing for the first time is not to go hiking with sports tourists and paratroopers and read in advance how to get ready for a hike :) You need a group, for starters, the more the better, 10-15 people and an experienced guide . Moreover, in campaigns a very healthy psychological atmosphere reigns, which allows you to go beyond your limited perception of what is happening, move away from problems and get into an environment in which, due to this, you at least 10 days are completely calm, everything is new to your problems far away, you just forget them for ten days under a backpack. If you don’t climb into mountaineering and rafting, then trekking is just a great sport. Although dangerous all the same and it is worth remembering. Winter hikes did not go with me, but after gaining the experience of serious summer hikes, I began to get out much more often simply on short walks and weekend hikes. This is the first sport that I wanted to describe.

What gives:

There are other sports that I would recommend instead of stereotypes in the brain, common types of nonsense (as I still think), but I can write about them sometime :)

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