The robot cosmonaut "Fedor" will become a permanent participant in the tests of the manned ship "Federation"

Representatives of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI) stated that the robot cosmonaut "Fedor" will participate in all flight tests of the new Russian manned spacecraft "Federation" . After the first two unmanned missions to be carried out in 2024, the android will visit the International Space Station (ISS). He will go there with the crew, playing the role of assistant pilot, they write "Izvestia".

“Modified“ Fedor ”can take part in all three flight tests. At the same time, the resource of the robot-cosmonaut is designed for five flights, ”said Sergei Khurs, head of the FPI“ Savior ”project. He announced that the program of the first mission of the robot is already ready, and the next two are now at the elaboration stage. Fedor itself will be ready for flight already in the second quarter of 2020. His first start as a representative of the team is scheduled for 2022.

In 2024 there will be two more flights to the ISS with the participation of the robot. One of the flights will be manned, the other - unmanned.

Representatives of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia reported that during the unmanned tests of the Federation, maneuvering in orbit and descent to Earth, as well as convergence and docking with the ISS, would be worked out. If everything passes in a regular mode, the third test flight will work out - already with people on board.

Duties of “Fedor” in flight - to assist the crew, control and maintain the ship's equipment. All three test missions are planned to be performed using the same ship.

Experts believe that without the use of robots, flying into deep space and exploring the solar system are impossible. “Without this, one can hardly do. The use of robotics in space is growing worldwide. The human body is not designed for a long stay outside the Earth, so we need smart reliable helpers. It is necessary to create new types of autonomous robots so that humanity can explore the solar system in detail, ”said Albert Efimov, head of the Sberbank robotics center.

Currently, the Federation is under development. RSC Energia tested individual instruments, systems and components of the new ship. Plus, fire tests were carried out for the main engines, mooring and orientation engines. Tests of the landing gear are also underway.


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