Test drive Winbo Super Helper SH-105

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We have previously reviewed the Winbo Super Helper budget 3D printer. They told more about its technical capabilities, and we were very much asked to add more photos of the printed models. Correct!

We have prepared a mini-review on the practical use of Winbo to show real print results on a printer without post-processing.

Recall the main characteristics of Winbo SH-105 :

Thread diameter: 1.75 mm
Printing technology: FDM \ FFF
Plastic Type: PLA
Size of construction area: 105 × 105 × 155 mm
Number of extruders (printheads): 1
Layer thickness: 0.04 - 0.25
Diameter of nozzle (mm): 0.4
Print speed: 50-100 mm / s
Display: LCD
Resolution: 50 microns
Connection Interface: USB, SD
Software: Winware
Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Printer weight: 3.6 kg
Sizes of the printer: 258 × 326 × 375 mm

A couple of words about calibration and settings

On the flash drive that comes in the kit, there is already configured software to work with the printer. According to the classics, this is a slightly reworked CURA with “wired” settings for the printer. You can immediately start working without scoring your head with the program settings. You just need to check the temperature parameters and the height of the layer.

The printer is calibrated by 4 points. The table can be raised and lowered with 4 bolts, although it is very inconvenient to reach the far bolts.

It is good that calibration should not be done so often. Usually after taking off the print table.


At first we decided to print something simple. Chose a funny figure of a shaman.

Layer thickness 0.1. Printing time is about 2 hours. Height 5.6 cm. Plastic PLA Esun purple .

Toys for adults

Then we decided to choose something more or less usable for printing.

We stopped at the entertainment model - parts of the modular lock for board games with thumbnails. Walls and latches were printed separately. The latches hold all the elements together, and as a result you can assemble a whole city from labyrinths, dungeons, buildings and much more.

Layer thickness - 0.15, material PLA ESUN .

As a result, after printing, painting and assembling parts, something like this might turn out:

Print stability check

The most common concern about Winbo Super Helper is that because of the design of the printer, it cannot print consistently well across the entire table surface and that the aluminum profile will sag under the weight of the extruder's head.

In order to dispel all doubts, we decided to print test models, arranging rectangular columns at the extreme points of the table and in the center.

No problems with printing. The columns show that Winbo printed exactly the same models at all points without any deviations.

The printer has a bowden feed mechanism, that is, the motor is located on the body and not on the printer head, respectively, the extruder is light and there is nothing to bend the aluminum profile.

Pangolin rescue operation

When a pangolin modelka came across on a stand, we could not resist =)

This model has been upgraded about 6 times. Its creator Amao Chan, concerned about the extinction of a rare species of animals called "pangolin", really wanted to attract public attention and sought to make an interesting and functional souvenir model.
On Super Helper model printed in about a day.

They used white ESUN PLA, although then they realized their mistake - they should have taken Wood, it would have been more effective =)

Pangolin was printed in 5 visits from 6 parts: the body - 4 parts, 1 - feet, 1 - stand.

Kinder surprises

Previously, we already printed kinder surprises on FlashForge Inventor II. This idea pleased everyone, both children and adults. It was fun to watch how, at the exhibition, eggs with surprise aroused more interest than complex functional models, and not only among children =) We decided to try and compare what quality we get when printing on Winbo.

Layer thickness is 0.15, printing time of one typewriter is about 50 minutes.


We tested the strength of the Winbo Super Helper for the whole week, printed without interruption, day and night. But he did not disappoint, he managed on the "top five", consistently printed without failures and problems! Print quality is very decent for a budget printer.

They have not yet reached the truly functional and useful models, they have covered only the entertainment direction, but there will be more!

We would recommend a 3D printer for use at home for adults, and as a useful toy for children (the main thing is not to forget that children should use the printer only in the presence of adults and after careful reading the instructions!).


- super ratio of cost and print quality
- low weight
- simple software
- comes fully assembled
- bowden-feed, which means light print head (in this case it’s a plus)


- not heated platform, prints only PLA
- 4-point calibration
- difficult access to some bolts for calibration
- the printer is noisy (not much, but noisy)

Now there is a special offer on the Winbo Super Helper SH-105 printer, and you can purchase it for 12,900 rubles. in the online store cvetmir3d.ru !

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