As I reached the monocolice

How it all began

Hello, dear habrayuzer! I want to tell you about my experience riding a mono-wheel. About the existence of monocolace in reality, I accidentally found out in the spring of 2017, when I saw a person riding on it. Despite the fact that it is difficult to surprise me, that rider did it. After seeing through his eyes, thoughts arose in his head: “wow thing,” “I want it too,” “and as soon as he does not fall.” True, in an hour I already forgot to think about the wheel, returning to my business and concerns. And recently, in early October, I saw the rider again on the monowheel, and this topic again excited me, and this time more strongly.

Kingsong monowheel
The same monowheel, as at me. Thanks for the photo EcoDrift.

I began to dig the Internet and first stumbled upon the article “ Marketing and reality monocoles of spring 2017 ” from lozga habrauser , read it a couple of times and realized that yes, I must take it!
I started reading the electric transport forum and found an autumn sale from a well-known company selling electric transport (I will not advertise). As a result, ordered in Moscow wheel Kingsong diameter of 14 inches. A few days later it was already in my St. Petersburg.

Why do I need a wheel and how did I choose it

The main scenario of using the wheel is daily driving to work, i.e. I see the monowheel more as transportation than entertainment. I plan to travel from the house to the subway on the wheel, and then, going to the surface, ride the wheel to work; a total of about 6 kilometers in one direction. It’s not possible for me to completely replace public transport with a wheel. from home to work 19 kilometers (on Yandex-cards in pedestrian mode).

Why did I choose Kingsong? There are several reasons: the manufacturer is in the “big three” (GotWay, Inmotion, Kingsong), the products are of sufficient quality, the wheel is not the weakest battery, there is a convenient handle for transportation, the wheel size of 14 inches is not too large for transportation in the subway.

First trips

There is a small introductory one: I am 39, weight is 85 kg, that is, I am quite well-fed such an uncle. I work in IT, office plankton, I do not play sports.

Well, okay, I came with the kids to the park (kids on ordinary scooters, not electro), turned on the wheel, tried to stand on it, then again, again and again, but without success - I just could not even stand on it talking about going.

Somewhere in an hour of such jumps, I was able to go 5-15 meters, but then I was thrown to the side and I had to jump. At some point I even regretted that in general it all started, the thought came that I was already too old for all this. It took the anger that the guys from the videos on YouTube get up on the wheel of hoo, and I can't even resist.

By the evening, my back ached, and small bruises appeared on the legs of the legs where the feet touched the wheel. And this is despite the soft inserts on the wheel!

In general, according to the data from the wheel, on that day I “drove” 2 kilometers.

The next day, the kids went with the grandmother on a tour, so I was able to devote this time to training on sustainability, without distracting anyone. I went to another park and increased my balancing skill on the wheel for a couple of hours.

And approximately in the middle of the "training" it seemed as if something in my head had switched, I just took it and drove it. Drove two hundred meters, not falling, but brutally waving his arms. From the side, it must have looked wild. Apparently, this was the moment, as happens with a child starting to ride a bike, when they say: "Well, I learned."

After a few pokatushek I can already stand quite confidently and go, I can slowly trail behind pedestrians, I can turn around on a narrow path.


One of the trips to the park ended unexpectedly early: the camera was lowered and I rode on the rim. The camera in the wheel is not so easy to change, I had to disassemble the wheel almost completely. I hope this does not affect the treatment of the guarantee, if it happens. An autopsy revealed that I not only punctured (or rather, broke through the curb / curb) the camera, but then rubbed it well with its rim, it was insulting. Of course, I myself am guilty, because I never pumped up the wheel after the purchase, and did not even check the pressure.

The camera is sealed, the wheel is assembled, but the next outing also ended prematurely: after traveling about 20 kilometers, the wheel lowered again. This was expected, since I had sealed only one puncture, but did nothing with those protrusions.

Well, I bought a reinforced tire "Rhino" from a forumchanin and a couple of cameras, and got a lesson - to check the pressure before leaving.

Reinforced antiprokolnaya tire "Rhino" (left) and stock Kenda (right).


Those to whom I voiced the idea of ​​buying a wheel, for the most part made an astonished face and said something like, “Where have you got, old? On the subway ride, do not invent. Because of this, there were doubts.

But now I do not regret at all that I joined the world of mono-lovers. If you have questions about the okolonokolesnoy topic, I will answer with pleasure.

PS At the forum of electric transport there is a participant who claims that he rides on a mono-wheel in his 63. If he does not lie, then he is a mega aspect.

PPS I do not indicate the specific model of my monowheel, since the moderator considered this inappropriate (why I don’t know why).


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