Learn English from computer games.

Computer games are a great tool for learning languages ​​and learning in general, and here's why:

Therefore, we offer you a number of tips, which games how to use to learn English effectively and interestingly.

For Starter / Beginner level

If you have recently started learning a language, computer games are available for you. True, these are not exactly computer games in our usual sense, but more often flash. There are even special collection sites where you can find a lot of useful information. Here are three examples:


A fairly structured and convenient site from where you can download games or play right there. A selection of games is not the biggest, but is perfect for a start.


An excellent selection for those who want to expand vocabulary, and games are organized by topic.


A lot of flash-games, a breakdown by topic, level of English and language skills.

There are many similar sites on the Internet, so you can review and select the most convenient ones for you.

For Elementary level

For a start, you should concentrate on simple arcade games or any other genre, which involves a lot of action and a little text. In this case, it is necessary to choose the English interface and try to carefully read and perceive the inscriptions and videos during the game. It will not be superfluous to create a dictionary and write down everything new and incomprehensible there, in order to work out and repeat everything in more detail.

For Pre-Intermediate

There is a smart simulator of life called “ Sims ”. Yes, yes, now slippers will fly, but do not rush to express your “fu” or “fairy.”

Sims has real value - with this game you can build vocabulary on various topics: household items, family relationships, sports, hobbies, work, and so on. It is a pity that listening to normal speech is unlikely to succeed, since the Sims speak their own language.

For Intermediate

In order to improve the skills in English at this level, any online games will be suitable, where you can talk on the microphone with your opponents or teammates (for example, CS GO, PUBG and other similar top games).

But there are also disadvantages. For example, in CS GO, you will first of all be offered games with those who are as close as possible to your city or country. In this case, VPN to help. Although without him it will be possible at times to communicate with the British. Yes, and often have to prove that someone on the Internet is wrong!

For Upper-Intermediate and Higher

There is a special format of games from Telltale Games. It's more like an interactive comic with a minimum of action and a maximum of text. It is necessary to carefully read stories, dialogues and choose answers. The nonlinearity of the plot will help you quickly understand the meaning of individual phrases and words, because it is from them that the further development of events will depend.

As you can see, not only films, serials, songs and fiction can brighten up the learning process. But computer games will help to get acquainted with the language closer or delve into its subtleties and details. Moreover, each individual word will be perceived immediately in context, with audio and video reinforcement. What computer games do you use for educational purposes? Have you achieved real results or started communicating with others in the slang of elves from WOW?

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