Without new gadgets will not be seals: YouTube will stop working on old devices-2

More than two years have passed since the publication of “No new gadgets without gadgets: YouTube will stop working on old devices” and here they come again. YouTube stops supporting the next “old device”.


The news is not a special sensation. Older devices manufacturers forget quickly enough. Moral obsolescence and lack of spare parts makes owners look for a modern replacement for them, and the need to maintain old platforms tends to zero:

And it naturally stops - From June 30, the Android Market will stop working on devices running Android 2.1 and below.

In the case of Youtube, the situation is bigger and the shutdown affects more devices than it could be on one platform. For example, last time (in 2015) televisions from 2007-2010 and some other devices appeared without Youtube. Those. in some cases, in the absence of support by the manufacturer, 5 years after the purchase, the smart TV or player could lose one of the main functions. What manufacturers reported on offsites deeply in the FAQ section on black and white YouTube icons.


This time, the notification of the end of support for old programs is done in the original way. And guaranteed to be displayed on all devices.

Recently, in the outdated application, the first in the lists appeared a video called “Your YouTube app is out-of-date”.

It is the first in the search results:

And the first in the list of videos of any arbitrary channel:

This video consists of slides in different languages, replacing each other.
You have an outdated version of the YouTube app installed. Soon it will cease to work, and it will be possible to use the service only on the site m.youtube.com. To avoid this, update the application.

The video description provides a link to the Youtube help section.

clarifying versions of YouTube applications that are discontinued and recommending to update the application in the Market

What was the point of using such an outdated application?

There were no advertisements, annotations and “brakes” in it, which became characteristic features of the “improvements in work and stability” of modern versions. There was no surveillance of preferences from Youtube - no history was stored, and there were no recommendations based on previous views. This is an application that just anonymously played the video and nothing else.
PS December 15, 2017 the old application has stopped working. You can install a more recent version of Youtube, provided you install GAPPS, without which it will not work.

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