CAMX Power has developed new materials for high-capacity batteries and offers them to the world.

Kenan Sahin earned $ 1.5 billion from his first company. It was acquired by Lucent for one and a half billion US dollars. After the closing of the transaction, he began to spend the funds received to conduct various scientific research in such areas as batteries and electric cars. Work in this direction has been going on for 15 years , which shows how Sahin is fascinated by this idea.

Also, $ 100 million was offered to MIT for the development of a number of areas of the school’s work, which, by the way, allowed Sakhin to get on the board of directors of this organization, and for life. In order to get new efficient and capacious batteries, Sahin founded a new company.

This startup company is called CAMX Power and is developing new components for rechargeable batteries. According to its representatives, the main thing is to get new type cathodes. Sahin agrees with the idea and even calls himself a “cathode evangelist.” For many years, there has been a search for new materials for cathodes that will allow batteries to “hold” more energy for a longer period.

In addition, CAMX Power has contracts with two major international chemical corporations, Johnson Matthey and BASF. The subject of the contract is the obligation to produce and provide new materials for batteries to battery manufacturers. According to CAMX Power, all this allows you to avoid capital expenditures that have buried more than one “battery initiative.”

By the way, the company Sahina still managed to achieve the creation of new materials for the cathodes of lithium batteries. Now the main task of the entrepreneur and his team is to convince global battery manufacturers that these materials are really promising.

The most promising idea of ​​the company was to increase the amount of nickel in lithium-ion batteries, or rather, in their cathodes. This means that the cathode may contain more lithium ions. In addition, the same method reduces the amount of cobalt, which is a rare and expensive element.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do with an increase in concentration. In this case, battery life is reduced to about three years. This means, for example, that after three years, the battery of an electric vehicle can simply be thrown away. And such systems cost as much as a third or even half of an electric car, so hardly anyone would buy cars with such an unreliable battery.

That is why CAMX developed and patented a special molecular structure capable of stabilizing new type cathodes. This is facilitated by the placement of cobalt atoms in the most critical places of the cathode. This means that you can increase the life of such a battery plus increase the battery life.

According to Johnson Mettyu from CAMX, now the company's battery capacity is 25% more than that of other manufacturers of the same size. Representatives of the company announced the planned allocation of $ 260 million investment to create a new type of battery manufacturing plant.

True, the company has yet to convince its potential partners that the batteries really work. Some organizations have already refused to cooperate. For example, Panasonic Corporation, which was one of the first to make a proposal to cooperate, did not go forward. The problem here is not the reliability of new batteries, but the production cycle. The fact is that most of the technology for creating batteries is very well debugged, even small things have already been optimized. And to abandon the traditional systems of the corporation is not yet ready. It will take a lot of time and money to create a new production cycle for batteries of a new type. Few are ready for this.

In order to convince partners and colleagues, CAMX has created several sets that are shown at every meeting with a new business partner. As mentioned above, Sahin hopes that he will not have to build a battery manufacturing plant himself, but will be able to convince new partners to produce new batteries. In order to achieve the task, in May of this year, CAMX Power announced the "opening of doors" for partners and competitors. The company is ready to provide a range of services and technology products for battery manufacturers and everything related to them. The main condition is the use of new technologies to create new batteries.

If these services and technology products are of interest to large companies that will be engaged in the production of new type of batteries, electric vehicles will receive the desired number of batteries in the near future. CAMX is ready to license the use of its technologies for any companies that may be interested in this. To produce a new type of rechargeable batteries, Sahin is simply not able to - there will not be enough resources and capabilities.

At the same time, the Sakhin Fund supports startups that develop their own projects in this area.

Whatever it was, but Sahin is now confident in the future of electric vehicles, which, he believes, can be produced a lot, for example, in China, England or Germany. The main thing here is to reduce the price of electric vehicles, which makes them inaccessible to many buyers.

If "green" cars cost about $ 30,000 on average, this would help their early distribution.

If everything works out, then the company will be able to calmly promote its batteries and technologies on the international market. The demand for electric cars is gradually increasing, various automakers are introducing more and more new models, which means they need capacious batteries. Over the next 18 years, analysts expect to see an increase in the production of electric vehicles up to 70 million per year. This is much more than what has been released so far.

According to Sahin, the future is near. “This is already happening, and this is right under our noses,” he says. He is also confident that the rate of "electrification" of mobiles on electricity will only grow. So, you should accelerate when creating new batteries in order to have time to get "into the stream."


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