Overview of the new budget 3D pen Tiger3D K-One

Hello! The company Color World begins to deliver a new model of 3D pens Tiger3D K-One . In this regard, we would like to share first impressions of this new product.

K-one is a budget 3D pen for kids. The cost is really very affordable - only 1500 rubles. If you are not sure whether your child will be carried away by drawing a 3D pen seriously, then, having spent this small amount, you will be able to check it in practice without much damage to the wallet.

Let's find out the possibilities of the new Tiger and how it differs from the more expensive fellows.

Appearance / packaging

Looking at the packaging, it is immediately clear that the pen is designed for children only. Paws, tails, tiger cubs, the sea of ​​orange color - everything is very bright and positive, for children it is the most. To get such colorful packaging as a gift would be nice for any child.

The K-One itself has an unusual shape. At first glance, they thought that it would not be very convenient to hold it in my hand, especially in the nursery. But in fact, in a hand (both an adult and a nursery), she lays down very comfortably. The weight is small - only 47 grams. The pen does not have a display, only 4 indicators (speed and type of plastic).

A few words about picking:

In addition to the handle in the set is:

The set does not have a power adapter for working from the outlet, but any 2A adapter, for example, from a mobile phone, will work. A huge plus is that the pen works from a USB port (laptop, portable Power Bank or computer). This allows you to use it on the road, when you need something to take a child.

The stand was very comfortable and stable. Probably the most successful version of the stand for the 3D pen from all that we have seen.

In a set of 3 tiny hanks of plastic in different colors. Of course, it is better to donate additional plastic with a pen. What is in the set is not long enough, except for the first sample.

Start drawing ...

Since the pen does not have a display, plastic type and speed are controlled using indicators. At first it seemed that it would be difficult to understand and remember what a particular LED means. After the handles with displays, the return to the model with the indicators strained =)

But, having opened the instruction, all our fears were dispelled. A step-by-step guide with pictures, in which all the manipulations with a pen are briefly and clearly described, made it clear that everything is elementary.

The main disadvantage that we found in the pen is the lack of information about the heating temperature. When using standard ABS and PLA plastics, this is not necessary: ​​choose PLA - a green light (190 ° C) lights up, ABS - red (210 ° C). But how to use Wood, Bronze and other special plastics (especially those plastics whose drawing temperature is in the range between ABS and PLA) is not clear. This is more important for creative studios, drawing circles using a 3D pen, or for pros who perceive 3D drawing is more than just a hobby.

Let's go back to drawing!

We decided to use PLA-plastic, so choose the green color of the lower indicator.
Press the bottom "arrow" to heat the thread.

The time for heating the knob (when the green light stops flashing) is less than a minute. Standard time, similar to other pens, which we tested earlier.

Load the thread. The motor is smart and the plastic starts to emerge from the nozzle very quickly.

K-One even has an automatic thread extrusion mode when you click on the download button twice. This was not expected from the budget pen =) Usually this option is found in more expensive models.

Select the speed that is displayed on the top 3 indicators. The handle has 3 types of speed: fast, medium and slow. Since we draw 3D pens not very often, we chose the slowest one.

To begin with, they “painted” with a 3D pen a butterfly from PLA, which was previously printed out on a Winbo SH-105 printer.

And of course they tried to draw using templates.

Drawing a pen turned out to be very comfortable. Plastic is squeezed out smoothly without jolts at all 3 speeds.

Tiger3D K-One is fairly light and, despite its unusual shape, lies comfortably in your hand.
But it turned out that with a long drawing extruder (black bottom of the handle) heats up significantly. Therefore, every 15 minutes, we recommend taking short breaks in the work so that the handle has time to cool.


We liked to draw the 3D pen Tiger3D K-One . From the moment of receipt, we all tried to find out what the manufacturers saved on, in order to provide such an appetizing price =) During the investigation, only the absence of an LCD screen and a simple design came to mind.

For all other parameters, the K-One is not inferior to other 3D handles.

Of the benefits can be identified:

- low price;
- beautiful packaging;
- good instruction, understandable even to a child;
- a light weight;
- comfortable stand;
- work from USB.


- the inability to change the temperature that would be useful for printing other plastics;
- no display;
- a small set of plastic in the set;
- heating of the lower part of the body during long drawing.

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The team of the company Color World

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