Psychedelic fiction (Chapter 1)

Imagine for the entertainment of the public a little fiction from myself; while the product has no name. If people like it, the story will continue.

Chapter 1

Once I walked down the street, not touching anyone. I gazed at the street lamps of the ZhKU brand and thought how to get a couple of specimens for plant lighting. At one point, I stopped in front of the intersection, waiting for the green light; My attention was attracted by the girl who had her back to me. You know, that feeling - you just want out of curiosity to look at your face when you see only your back? Say, if a girl has a good figure, then it is interesting to see what her face is; but this is true even if the figure is bad - if it’s about the fat, it’s still interesting to see its face. The traffic light is counting down the time, and I would probably have taken a couple more steps forward to satisfy my curiosity, but then the girl in front turns herself towards me. First, it is three-quarters, then looks at me and turns completely, takes a step towards me, as a psychologist would say, enters my personal space. Finally, she hugs me, stretching her arms behind my back, linking them behind my back (I stood with my hands in my coat pockets). I was shocked, perhaps, something happened that I did not expect and could not expect. What does she need, maybe she wants to pull out the wallet? I most often carry a wallet in my inner pockets on my heart and now I feel it perfectly. With a growl of something like “wow,” I pull my hands out of my pockets, even though with the left I take her by the waist, with the right I hold her back to me so that she lifts her head and looks at me. Indeed, she raises her head and looks into my eyes.
- Do we know each other?
“No,” she replies without even lifting her eye.
- Of course, I am very pleased ... - I hold her tightly to me, then push her away - but why do you hug me?
- Well, the same - she hovers a pink nose, her eyes sparkle - I love you, too!
It is impossible to surprise me with anything, but even here the question “What !?” involuntarily breaks out.
- Well yes.
I look at her. This is what I did not expect to hear, so this declaration of love from the opposite sex.
“Girl ... you're probably kidding me.” “Is she just mad?” Or under psychoactive substances? At least that would explain the situation.
The faint smile that adorned her face disappears before. She even wants to turn away, makes a slight turn from me and back.
- I did not expect this from you.
If I now ask “what’s this?” Or “what exactly did you not expect?” Then it will be absolutely unsuccessful even if I had already met her for ten years. If she were my girlfriend, she would not give an answer to such a simple question, having understood it somehow in her own way. I decide to try to approach the problem more directly:
“If you say we are strangers, how can you love me?” You do not know me.
- Is it really necessary to know a person to love him? - she declares with childlike directness, and I gawk at her:
- Actually, yes!
- Not at all.
- Yes.
The situation becomes strange.
The girl approached me again and took her coat by the unbuttoned side of the coat and pulled her to her, “let's go,” she said, quite quietly, lowering her eyes. I decided to keep quiet and see what would happen. I stand like a stone for a few seconds.
- Yes, let's go already - she let go of the board and took a step aside.
Cheap curiosity ate me up. Where and why does she want me to go? In the end, you can go a little bit, I'm not a gymnasium student, can a serious danger threaten me?
- Well? - I grunted.
She slowly walked to the side, and I was sulking and preserving my dignity with slow, long steps behind her.
She turned the corner, walked into a small park-patch (of course it's difficult to call it a park, just a well-groomed green area overgrown with Himalayan and Lebanese cedars), stopped, looked at me and sat on a bench surrounded by junipers. I came close to her.
- Well?
- <She called my name>, sit down.
- How do you know my name?
I sat down; I lowered my head and put my elbows on my knees, in spite of her. I remain silent for a few seconds, then the girl says:
“I know what you wanted today.”
- True? - I grunted.
- Well, of course.
- Well, of course…
- Look, honey - with these words, she launched her hand into the juniper bush and began to fumble there. Then, having uttered something like “oh,” she began to pull something out from there with a rustle - He is heavy!
I was stunned the second time in a day; but he stretched his hand automatically. The girl gave me a flashlight. Street light.
- ZhKU-400! - burst out of me. Since the lantern was weighty, I had to lean over her, shamelessly clutching her leg, because of which she squealed slightly. But I pulled the flashlight out of the bushes with the dexterity of a lizard catching a fly.
I sat with a lantern on my lap and looked at it.
- New, you see. Even there are no scratches and potholes - I noted the presence of 400W light bulbs DNAT - How do you know what I need?
- Are you pleased with my gift?
I was forced to admit that it pleases.
- My premonition did not deceive me?
I bore her eyes in silence. Beautiful face with high cheekbones, bright eyes, dyed hair. Colorless eyebrows, a little freckles, a spout a duck. I like it, ok.
She turned away and said:
- Maybe you spend me?
- Why not - I get up, lay the lantern on the bench, give her my hand, she gets up - Where do you live?
- What kind of questions are nice? Where you are.
Perhaps I hissed from such impudence.
- But I do not know about it.
- Well, the same ...
I looked at her again with a look. Well, I even wonder what this game will end with, and who it is. Maybe I’m not crazy anymore and I’m losing my mind? No, since I ask such questions, I most likely have not yet come down.
“Let's go,” I said, and took the lantern in my arms, as parents take priceless little children.

We go silently, but then the stranger breaks the silence:
- I'm tired…
I am silent. I am callous in myself, the more she’s nobody for me and I’m absolutely sure that she’s not tired.
- I was running around the city, looking for you ...
I stop abruptly, and after a couple of steps, she stops. I look down at her boots. My sneakers have more dust; to be precise in the description, her boots shine evenly over the entire surface.
- Your shoes are clean, as if you just got out of the car.
A few seconds of silence.
- You know, I now have the very feeling of suspicion, Joe ... The girl tries to take a step, but turns her foot to the side and falls to the ground as a painting. I stand with a lantern in my hands and calmly look at her. It takes a few seconds. Passers-by look around, Daddy hovering by (he probably has the interleaved limp in appearance) pulls out his neck as well as a giraffe to look at the girl lying on the sidewalk and take a wary look at me. I sigh. Still, I really want to know what's what.
I lay the lantern on the ground, pick up the girl in my arms (it is not very heavy, but it could be easier) and put this 50 kg bag of cement on my shoulder. Perhaps even more effort, I should raise the lantern from the ground and take it in one hand (the other one is holding the load on my shoulder from falling). Pleases only one thing - to go far, 150 meters left.
In general, if it were not for the lantern, I would have dragged it without difficulty. But the stupid lantern that can not be thrown out, and dragging heavily, heavily burdens me. Finally, I reached the gate. Lantern is sent to the pavement, calling myself the same. For a long, long time I squeeze a button.
Steps, a small clank of the mechanism - the gate is opened, as I thought. Since my strength is already exhausted, I quickly bring the girl.
This is my home, but I am renting a two-story dormitory. I opened one of the tenants. I sometimes drink with him, but I would not call him a friend. Now he is surprised and even whistled:
- How?..
I just threw the girl on a plastic lounger and he fell into a chair. All sweat from the strain.
- And this is how I spread my hands.
- Maybe ... call an ambulance?
I wave my hand - to me?
- So who is this?
- Princess.
- Princess?
- Yes, or even the queen. Met at the crossroads.
“I don’t know what you’ll do with her, but ... I don’t want to take part in group rape.”
- You lose a lot.
He turns and goes to his second floor of the makeover. And I forgot the flashlight for the gate and go after it. It takes a few seconds, but by the time I return, the girl is already on the bed. I grunted that I didn't even have to carry ammonia.
- I, perhaps, will not sunbathe on a sun bed in November - she says smiling coquettishly - do not give me a hand?
I silently serve. She gets up, turns the heel in mannered manner, then again becomes firmly on both legs. Takes off his coat, shakes it off. On the gray fabric, the dust is still not visible, I notice and say, “well, come in.”

I'm sitting with a stranger at the table. We drink wine.
- So, what's your name?
“Well, don't you know, she laughs.” Without the slightest emotion on my face, without pulling a muscle, I reply that it does not.
Pause. I look into the courtyard - there went outside to smoke the type that opened the gate for me. Eyes, probably I can see well t. I sit by the window. However, from a height I see him well, but he does not see me. I wave my hand to him, and he hastily turns away. And the truth is, why would he smoke on the street - prohibiting smoking indoors is not in my style. Though let him walk on his head, just to pay on time. I sigh
“Remind me ...” I smile tightly — dear.
- You're so cute today.
- Well.
- Alina; Aaa-li-na.
- Beautiful name.
- Thank.
- So, Alina, you live ... here?
“Of course, did you doubt, honey?”
“What do you do?”
- How is it, darling? I live with you, I love you.
“But if you don't know me, as you told me there, at the crossroads, how can you live here?”
“Did I tell you that?”
- Yes.
- You're confusing, honey. I didn't tell you that.
- I did.
- Not. Although I don’t always remember exactly what I am saying, she adds innocently and looks away. She has beautiful eyes and eyelashes.
- And you, what, like a wife?
- And what do you yourself say? She asks insultedly.
I finish my wine from a glass.
- You pour?
She shakes her head. Well, I will not.
Although I pose as disgruntled, the situation amuses me and I even like this silly game. Maybe I will not even expel her - the girl is not bad. We continue the conversation.
- Where did we meet? I forgot.
- Well, somehow, today we met for the first time. Remember, I was going to cross the road?
“But you said you knew me a long time.” Just!
- I? I could not say that.
- It turns out that we first met today, how can you say that you live here?
- What are you talking about? I'm the same here.
- Do you live?
- Well yes.
I silently stare at her, she smiles at me.
- You know what, Alina ...
- Yes Dear? - purrs girl.
- I love you very much, but I love above all for honesty. If, ever I had a relationship with someone, then with me they are the most-most honest.
- Thank.
I walk past Alina, leaning over the back of her chair, take her palms in my own and rest her hips. Winter wool (or something like this, I do not understand the materials) tights are completely new, I do not feel is not a single pellet. I whisper in her ear:
- And what do you think about a warm bed?
In response, she kisses me, in a few seconds comes:
- I think about her with pleasure!
She gets up, goes one way, then stops and asks:
- Where is your shower?
I silently indicate the direction. Today I’m already tired, my joints are buzzing a little, but the night is going to be interesting.


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