Photo Tour of MakerFair 2017 in Shenzhen

So the time has come for the next MakerFair in Shenzhen, and thanks to the resident of the local Hackspace - there is an opportunity to see how it looked.

We have already reviewed the MakerFair exhibitions that took place in Shenzhen in 2015 and in 2016 ( part 2 ), the more interesting it is to see what's new.

The photo has an interactive whiteboard, where everyone can leave his mark - almost as a symbol of “make-up” - to popularize technical achievements and self-realization through creativity.

And under the cut - an exoskeleton, swords for training the Jedi, we learn how to walk on water, tailed / fluffy from a kickstarter, and more.

Entrance to the exhibition:

The event was held in November of this year in the territory - Liuxiandong Campus, Shenzhen Polytechnic . Well, that is, Polytechnic)

Here are the views there in the evenings ...

But back to the exhibition.

Stand familiar to many SeeedStudio , a company for lovers of electronics, DIY. They helped create the first hackerspace in Shenzhen, and which has more than 200 distributors worldwide:

There are smart houses, and there are smart greenhouses, which are no less interesting for city dwellers, as a hobby, but also as a healthy diet:

But the gift "The Hand of Frankenstein" (who is sad and lonely):

"Easter eggs"

In process:

Someone is trying on a pneumatic system for nailing?

And next to try on yourself exoskeleton:

An interesting project is demonstrated by guys from Japan:

For now, note the Rapiro project on the left (on the table) - a DIY assembled and programmable home robot. That in 2013 they raised £ 75,099 ($ ​​101,111) on the Kickstarter, out of the claimed £ 20,000. You can print it yourself on a 3D printer.

But I called the project of an incomprehensible “creature” that fluffy and caudate interesting:

As you know, all ingenious is simple - pets (most) have a need to be petted, and this pleases their owners. But not everyone has pets - the developers from Japan have come up with such a device - so that you can iron (artificial wool, it's clear), and get a response - the tail :)

The project is called QOOBO . And a couple of weeks ago, they successfully completed the campaign on the kickstarter, where among the stated ¥ 5,000,000, they collected ¥ 12,360,156 (~ $ 108,892).

Qoobo demo video

Ears-mood (Japanese chip - catgirl), were also presented:

The stand with DIY devices, and the one on the left, is designed to test the reaction :)

For music lovers, the electronic guitar was introduced:

And in the distance, someone tries an electronic violin:

Good music lessons at school :)

"Drummer, rhythm, solo and bass ..."

Of course, DIY game consoles were presented:

From the family of projects (here and the button accordion):

And here are the swords for training the Jedi:

By the way a team from Japan ( )

Science was also presented, for example - biology lovers - DIY microscope:

Even the spinning wheels were presented - most likely to lovers of folk art and ethno:

For those who are interested in popularizing robotics among beginners, there was a Kittenbot project stand :

On the basis of Scratch, they created an environment for programming uncomplicated robots (the code is translated into Arduino C).

Of course - what a Maker Fair (and hackspace) without a 3D (brutal) printer:

And the “trick” of this 3D printer is probably that, on the basis of one platform, it can also print, and mill, and engrave:

Here are mobile monitoring systems:

Reminds snowmobiles?

No, this is to walk on water :)


And now the stand of the hackspace LAB ZERO , thanks to the resident of which is targence , we were able to visit this exhibition.

The remaining photos are not included in the post are available on the link to Flickr .


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