Black Friday! Where to watch the best prices of the year on gadgets

In America, Black Friday kicked off. The next few days, retailers offer the biggest discounts on electronics. Virtual shelves are rapidly becoming empty, and if you have been looking at a gadget for a long time, this week is the best moment of the year to re-search the Internet for tasty discounts. Fake sales these days, as we have said , enough. But also very good real discounts can also be found if you know where to look. For this review, we have selected the best discounts at , launched on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, B & H, etc. In some cases, the savings go up to 40 thousand rubles on the product.


Traditionally, one of the most profitable categories of goods to buy in American stores. Savings on each compared with Russia are very large, and shipping across the ocean is inexpensive, because the product is compact and light. Laptops on Black Friday offer some of the biggest discounts: Lenovo, HP, Dell and Microsoft are aggressively fighting for their share of the US market. offers discounts up to 40%. Most of them end on the morning of November 27th. Among the most profitable offers:

Microsoft gives a $ 200 discount on the 13-inch Dell Inspiron: now it costs $ 399. It also offers $ 500 for the Dell XPS. In the US section of, discounts on emergency situations are of roughly the same order, only there are many more. Almost any laptop, desktop, monitor or printer can (in theory) be 30-40% cheaper than usual. There are several hundred offers, one problem - Dell does not like buyers from Russia. Payment may be returned to you back to the card. They also send things to the address of the intermediary warehouse with great reluctance. If you have a friend in the US - ask him to take you, say, a $ 180 monitor instead of $ 350, and then send the USPS. If not, it's easier, so as not to fool yourself, to take an alternative from one of the less harmful sellers. Microsoft is just one of those.

Another nice seller without discrimination against Russian buyers is HP . Printers, monitors, desktops, laptops, mice, keyboards ... The most delicious discounts - as usual, for laptops. Among them:

For Americans, very good offers on electronics this year at BestBuy . He has more than two hundred laptops. Unfortunately, this is the same story as Dell. He does not allow Russians to his website without VPN, does not send goods to the address of intermediaries. Fortunately, there is an alternative even better - Newegg. They hold a big event for this Black Friday, with a lot of discounts (about five thousand), which end on Saturday and Sunday. Enough to order gadgets in the United States, and then deliver from America to Russia . Laptop models on sale - more than 500 , including ASUS, Acer, MSI, Huawei. There were Apple MacBooks, but most have already sold out . If you do not have specific requirements for a laptop, and you want to see and compare, Newegg will have to do it most profitably.

Gaming consoles

There are no discounts on this Black Friday on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X - this is the policy of the companies, they want their thing to be exclusive so far. But there are enough sales of PS4 and Xbox One S. Prices at all stores are the same - because of the requirements of Sony and Microsoft.


Discounts here are usually low, even on Black Friday. In America, the market is managed by mobile operators, who set their own barriers. Most of the devices immediately come with a tariff plan from the provider, and they are not suitable for use in Russia.

From what we found:


Other offers

Most of the Black Friday discounts in America relate to clothing, toys and household appliances. and have very serious discounts on TVs, monitors and other electronics; There is no problem with delivery from them. B & H should order cameras: the company is known for their sales, and there are exclusive discounts from Nikon, Canon and Sony.

People are waiting for their turn to be the first to enter Macy's supermarket in New York.

This year, eBay has very interesting offers that are trying to avoid bankruptcy by attracting customers in whatever way they can. She finds offers from other retailers and sets the same price for the product as theirs. And then reimburses the costs of sellers out of pocket. There are thousands of offers: clothes, smartphones, suitcases, jewelry, watches, kitchen appliances ... You can find them here and here . Although, judging by the degree of coverage of this sale in the media, the auction is unlikely to help.

Well, most Americans, of course, are looking for discounts on Amazon. There they are mostly not as tasty as the manufacturers, but there are many thousands of them, plus a convenient search and fast, trouble-free sending. The Amazon section with discounts for Black Friday is updated every five minutes, and there are constantly new offers. On the left - the list of categories and price range. Amazon promises that this year Black Friday they will last at least another week.

It is important to know

When ordering, be sure to consider the size of the goods. For example, taking TVs larger than 32 "is not recommended. It is best to focus on the limits of" Mail Express "(120 x 80 x 50 cm) or the sum of the length and perimeter of up to 300 cm according to USPS / EMS standards.

It is also recommended to check whether such gadgets are sold in Russian stores. If the product is brand new, it may not be notified by the FSB, and it will be prohibited to transport it across the border.

Remember that goods are more expensive than € 500 upon delivery to the Russian Federation are subject to duty. It will have to be paid for the difference between the price of your package and the limit set in Russia.

By tradition - a 7% discount on the first order shipment from the United States for all who register and enter the promotional code HABR. Favorable delivery of goods from the United States on time and at low prices. By the way, for the delivery of a package weighing 0.5 kg, we now take only from $ 11.99.


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